Trixie & Katya's UNHhhh: Trixie Chats About Bringing The Live Show To Australia

Written by Jesse Chaffey
Category: Comedy Published: Monday, 12 August 2019 10:39

Dynamic duo Trixie & Katya have taken the internet by storm over the past three years with web series ‘UNHhhh’.

Now, over 100 episodes later, the queens are hitting the road in a huge live tour across Australia, talking about whatever they want... Because it’s their show. Not yours.

It’s a full, 90-minute, seated theatre experience with all the quick-witted sass the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ alumni have used to garner millions of views on YouTube.

Here, Trixie tells all about ‘UNHhhh’ and what they’re planning to bring down under.

You've done live iterations of 'UNHhhh' at DragCon in the past. Will the Australian dates have a similar vibe?
This will be the biggest, gayest thing. Imagine our show on narcotics. But hopefully not actually involving narcotics.

Will you be adding any notable new elements to the show in a live setting that doesn't happen on the web show?
We will be able to explore music, dancing, instruments, puppets, stunts, shenanigans, and MOST importantly direct audience interaction! But don't touch my hair.

Why do you think two queens sitting in front of a green screen for ten minutes once a week has endured for over 100 episodes?!
We are both entirely erotic, so I think that people are mostly just jerking off to us.

What's your favourite editing moment from the online show?
I really love when Katya said "what?" and I said "nothing I just like you". Then Katya's body shot across a rainbow.

You get the chance to choose one of your own quotes from 'UNHhhh' to put on your gravestone. Which quote is it? (or, hoos quote are it?)
There was a particular day where I was really feeling myself and I started the episode by saying "Why did I pick today of all days to turn it this hard?"... That would be amazing on a gravestone.

You're going to be here in summer, Australia's busiest time for tourism. Will you be getting up to much while you're here aside from the shows?
Usually I try to hold a koala but it hasn't happened. They apparently sleep all day and have gonorrhoea. If sleeping all day and having gonorrhoea makes you a koala, you might as well put me on the endangered species list.

What has been the best part about filming 'UNHhhh', for each of you?
Katya genuinely makes me laugh and the editing team makes me laugh even harder.

If you had to make a whole episode about something to do with Australia, what would the focus be? What do you have on your mind when it comes to our country?
My focus would be on the time I was in Australia and I rimmed a guy who was so hungover that his asshole tasted like gin.

Tickets for 'UNHhhh' are on sale now.

‘UNHhhh’ Tour Dates

11 June – QPAC Concert Hall (Brisbane)
12 June – Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide)
13 June – Plenary (Melbourne)
16 June – Astor Theatre (Perth)
19 June – State Theatre (Sydney)
21 June – Llewelyn Hall (Canberra)

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