The Garden Gala – An Explosion Of Comedy And Spectacle At Adelaide Fringe

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Category: Comedy Published: Wednesday, 19 February 2020 17:10

Adelaide Fringe 2020 Ambassador, infamous drag idiot and renegade cabaret artist Fez Fa'anana hosts three evenings of pure Fringe joy where Garden and Fringe performers will come together to entertain.

Sad about the weekend being over? Never fear, The Garden Gala is held on Monday nights with a line-up of top-quality acts which is constantly changing.

Here, Fez gives us a little insight as to what the Gala holds.

Tell us a bit about the idea behind the Garden Gala!
Well it’s a flamboyant pink and grey bird which I am assuming has been domesticated and now lives in a garden. . . Oh, that's a galah. Well, I get to programme, present and run amuck in an 80-minute spectacular of professional idiots, variety show vandals and iconic cabaret kids from shows across the Fringe.

Not only are you hosting, but you're also an Adelaide Fringe Ambassador. What does this role mean to you?!
To be honest it means a lot to me. I think this role gives me the chance to navigate and interrogate this festival in a way that has never been possible for me. I have an 11-year dysfunctional and co-dependent relationship with Adelaide Fringe. Fringe festivals are about the business of art and the art of business. It can be an unpredictable tap dance of risk, success and failure. That was deep. . .

Fez Carnival Cinema
Image © Carnival Cinema

What do you aim to bring to the Garden Gala as its host?
Hosting is a thing that I never really set out to do but I love the job of orchestrating a night, herding an audience and celebrating artists. I aim to bring costume changes and lots of hair. Busy mum will be there.

It's an ever-changing line-up. What can you tell us about who will be in attendance?
The line-up will change and it will always be a fine concoction of various artists from across the entire festival.

Why do you think this event is a fab part of Adelaide Fringe?
I never use the word fab.

This event has a bit of a mix of genres. What are you most looking forward to in the Gala?
A line-up variety cabaret like the Garden Gala is a heady balance of artists that need to elevate one another. I’m looking forward to getting the combination right.

The Garden Gala is on at Fortuna Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights 24 February, 2 March and 9 March.

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