Unveiling The Heart And Soul Of Keiynan Lonsdale As He Spends A Night At Brisbane's Melt Festival

Keiynan Lonsdale stands as the epitome of a modern Australian LGBTQIA+ artist, boldly forging his global reputation as a versatile and acclaimed entertainer in the world of music, cinema, television, and fashion.

Keiynan Lonsdale - Image © Jared Leibowitz

This November, Melt Festival in Brisbane is set to be illuminated by the electrifying presence of Keiynan Lonsdale. Join him as he guides the audience through his introspective journey into the complexities of heartbreak, blending seamlessly his soothing lullaby-like vocals, alternative electronica, and irresistibly catchy choruses.

The vibrant and eclectic 2023 Melt Festival programme features groundbreaking homegrown music artists, alongside international sensations, provocative and hilarious theatre, exhibitions showcasing exquisite photography, textile art and installations and a book launch and talk.

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Keiynan's inclusion in the Melt programme is a testament to his ever-evolving career. When asked what he's most looking forward to, he expresses his excitement not only for the festival but also for the opportunity to craft a remarkable show. For Keiynan, this isn't just another performance; it's a chance to push artistic boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the audience.

As for what audiences can expect from his performance, Keiynan responds with an air of mystery, revealing that the show will be, "funky, soulful, and electric". Promising a sexy and unforgettable night for the audience, he also relishes in the element of surprise, saying, “I approach each show in a different way. So, it's going to be a surprise as much for me as it is for others.”

Keiynan loves to perform his new songs, and Melt Festival audiences are in for a treat, as he promises to unveil some unreleased tracks. “I love performing stuff that's not even out yet, that'll most likely happen at this show,” he says. “I have so much unreleased music, so I'm just itching at the core to share it and to perform it. There will be some new bangers which I'm excited about.”

Fans of his earlier work need not worry as Keiynan assures, “I love performing the older stuff too. I love performing the music from [debut album] 'Rainbow Boy' and bringing new life to it that maybe wasn't there before. I grow with the songs. You know what I mean?”

When asked what he hopes the audience will take away from the show, his message is clear: "I hope that they feel bold. I hope they just have a good f...ing time and feel energised to max out for the remainder of the year and enjoy the summer that's coming.”

Keiynan is not just an artist; he's a storyteller, too, particularly when it comes to queer narratives. He believes in filling the gaps in representation and shedding light on themes and struggles that resonate with the LGBTQIA+ community. Through his music and performances, Keiynan offers clarity and solace to those going through similar experiences.

Reflecting on the inception of his career, he marvels at the astonishing evolution of representation in media, describing it as both unimaginable and surreal. He notes, “I think there's so much more opportunity now, so much more representation, more boundaries being pushed. You know, I think we're becoming stronger in the sense that voices are uniting more, there is more support. But we’ve still got a long way to go. It’s not gonna be a fight that's soon done, but it’s lightyears ahead from where we were in so many ways.”

Over the years, Keiynan's music has undergone a constant evolution. From moody and melancholic beginnings to a more vibrant and colourful present, his sound has matured alongside his own personal growth. “Now, a lot of the stuff that’s unreleased, it's kind of a mixture of both the light and the dark,” he says. “I like to sing more openly about love and relationships, where I fall short, and stuff that's in my head, in my heart that I can't quite seem to talk about or communicate properly, but I can make these songs, and sing about it. I'm just a lot more honest about love.”

For Keiynan, making music isn't just an art form, it's therapy. It's a channel for emotions, a way to process complex feelings, and a source of healing. Without the ability to create songs, he feels he would be lost, and he cherishes the cathartic release that music provides. “If I couldn’t make songs and be able to find some sort of healing through that, I would be crazier than I am,” he jests.

As for what's next, Keiynan hints at music filled with soulful R&B beats and emotionally dramatic storytelling. He aims to provide a perspective on love and relationships that may not be as commonly heard, particularly within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Keiynan Lonsdale's journey is one of artistic evolution, self-discovery, and unapologetic self-expression. As he prepares to grace the Melt Festival stage in Brisbane, audiences can expect a night of electrifying entertainment, mystery, and soulful storytelling. Keiynan continues to be an inspiring force in the world of entertainment, pushing boundaries and advocating for authenticity in every performance and song he creates.

Melt Festival unfolds from 11-26 November at Brisbane Powerhouse. Keiynan Lonsdale graces the stage in a free event on 24 November, supported by alt-pop artist Keelan Mak.

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