The Veronicas Drop New Single ‘Perfect’ With New Album ‘Gothic Summer’ Coming In Early 2024

Australian alt-pop icons The Veronicas have returned with the release of the new single ‘Perfect’, and the announcement of a new album due early next year.

The Veronicas

‘Perfect’ is the lead single from The Veronicas' upcoming album ‘Gothic Summer’, and it’s a riotous pop-rock anthem infused with ‘90s-style distorted guitars, shimmering melodies and passionate adlibs. It urges the listener to tap into self-love and the mastery of one’s own design.

The track was created with John Feldmann (Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, YungBlud), and co-produced by Ryan Linville (Olivia Rodrigo, Chappell Roan, Charlotte Cardin). If that wasn’t enough star power, it should be noted that Travis Barker from Blink-182 happened to be in the neighbourhood and jumped on the drums for the track too.

“’Perfect’ is a love letter to our younger and current selves. Perfection has a different meaning for everyone,” The Veronicas say of the new single. “Social media has changed how we interact with the world. Perception versus reality is rewarded and condemned. From what people wear, to who they date.”

“It's like a magnifying glass. We just want to remind everyone to empower themselves, and free their minds. We all die in the end; we have to live with and love ourselves fiercely first and foremost. On our deathbeds the only opinion that will matter on how you've lived will be your own.”

The Veronicas are back with a vengeance after a brief break, ready to take the throne as the OG trailblazers of the alt-pop renaissance currently flooding the airwaves.

“We were fortunate to experience success early in our careers, touring extensively around the world for 12 years. Taking a break to live life was a necessary step for us. We can't wait to reconnect with the people who loved our music as we were all growing up together,” they say.

‘Perfect’ is out now. The album ‘Gothic Summer’ is set for release in early 2024.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, scenestr.