TRANSGENRE – A New Festival Celebrating Trans And Non-Binary Voices In Australian Music

A new festival celebrating some of the country’s best and brightest trans and non-binary voices is hitting Sydney this year.

Clockwise from top left: Cry Club, NOCTICA, Those Who Dream, FVNERAL

TRANSGENRE is an all-ages event with no clashes, and will take place at The Red Rattler Theatre in December.

Melbourne-based ‘bubblegum punk’ duo Cry Club lead the line-up fresh from packing venues around Australia in their headline tour in support of their second album ‘Spite Will Save Me’.

Next up are Perth stars Those Who Dream, made up of the powerhouse Meyer siblings (Josh on vocals/guitar and Hazel on drums). They’ve enjoyed success throughout the year joining alt legends like Short Stack, Nothing But Thieves and Forever Ends Here on tour, not to mention the huge singles ‘True Sight’ and ‘Apology’.

Also making the trek from interstate are Adelaide pop-punk luminary Nonnie (as frontwoman Lilly Peterson delivers a rare solo performance) and Melbourne hyperpop prodigy Wolfjay. Meanwhile, some of Sydney’s own fine talent will perform, like pop-rock gem Blake Williams, punk stalwarts Final Girls, hardcore hellions Cherish, hyperpop dynamo KHAOS EMRLD, emo babes FVNERAL and experimental rock queen enpriestess.

Post-hardcore faves Two Knives will head to TRANSGENRE from Newcastle, and alt-pop mastermind NOCTICA hits the stage travelling from Tamworth.

“It’s been a pretty wild year to be trans (to say the very least) and especially now, it’s so important to champion our community as loudly and proudly as possible,” TRANSGENRE Co-Directors Ellie Robinson and Tim Blunt say.

“We need to be visible, defiant and thriving – and at the core of that is positive representation in all corners of society. Our aim with TRANSGENRE is to offer a bit of that representation to the Australian live music scene, showing that trans and non-binary voices are among some of the strongest and most incisive in the country.”

“Personally, we hope this festival encourages people (cis, trans and everyone in-between) to pay closer attention to the wealth of gender diversity that exists in the Australian music industry, and be louder in supporting it.

“The show is obviously open for everyone to enjoy, but we’re so bloody keen to see a bunch of our fellow trans and gender-diverse people having an incredible day at the first-ever TRANSGENRE, enjoying some of the best live music in Australia, and celebrating their identities as excitedly as they want without having to worry about being judged for it.”

First tickets are on sale now.

TRANSGENRE takes place at The Red Rattler Theatre (Sydney) 17 December.


Cry Club
Those Who Dream
Blake Williams
Final Girls
Nonnie (solo)
Two Knives