Premiere: Watch Cassy Judy's New Music Video 'Arse'

After a number of successful releases (including a few premieres right here on FROOTY), trans woman, criminal lawyer, activist and alt/folk musician Cassy Judy is almost ready to drop her debut album.

Cassy Judy - Image © Sarah Malone

The project, titled 'Body Parts', is Cassy's untold story of gender transition – a slightly madcap, hilarious tour of the body. It's got all the makings of a deadset Aussie classic, and today, Cassy is sharing a piece of the puzzle with 'Arse'.

After a while road-testing the album's tracks to live audiences, it only makes sense that the video for 'Arse', also premiering today, is a compilation of performances of the track.

Like many of Cassy's previous releases, 'Arse' has Cassy's expert storytelling at its core, as she tells us of a relationship with a girl who got away. . . Of a secondhand car that was pushed to its limits. . . And all of these things have one thing in common: they died, in the arse.

“Yes, the video of the song is a compendium of a number of live performances. The first time I performed this song live was at Queer As Fvck and people sang along to every 'woah woah woah',” Cassy says.

“I thought it worked so well I decided to add 'woah woah woah's all through the song! I owe so much to this song, I've been ending my sets with it for years.”

The video (which FROOTY is thrilled to be sharing today!) features Cassy doing what she loves – playing to audiences all over the place and telling her stories. She's performed at the National Folk Festival, Broken Heel Festival and Coast Twist, and she's a regular fixture of the queer live music scene in Sydney, with crowd-pleasing appearances at Trans Glamore, Queer As Fvck, and The Townie.

As for the reception for 'Arse' thus far, Cassy has already noticed the track has resonated with crowds, who pick up on its catchy elements with ease.

“People just tune into it and they know that the punchline is coming and when it lands, it's satisfying! This song has absolutely nothing to do with my sex life! I swear!”

The songs on the upcoming album 'Body Parts' are backed by Lindy Morrison (The Go-Betweens), Alison Gould (Snarski Circus Lindy Band) and Sydney live music stalwart Russel Neal (lead guitar). Naturally, the themes on the album – while all round an entertaining, fun listen – are incredibly personal to Cassy.

She describes the inspiration behind the song 'Penis', about the fork in the road before a social and medical transition: “So many people say I’m brave and I knew the road ahead would be hard but it felt infinitely better than checking out of life,” Cassy says.

“Many trans people I’ve spoken to describe a similar decision point. I knew the road ahead would not be smooth, but it's definitely worthwhile.”

Cassy Judy's single 'Arse', and her album 'Body Parts', is out 22 September. Cassy plays an album launch gig at Qtopia Bandstand on 24 September. She also plays Smith's Alternative (Canberra) 7 October.