Open Letter – No Frills Twins Come Out In New Track 'Big Heart'

Sydney's No Frills Twins are dropping a jam with an important message, called 'Big Heart'.

No Frills Twins - Image © Giulia McGauran

The signature No Frills Twins harmonies are featured throughout the track, but it's also a brave unmasking of a topic the pair have never discussed before: sexual identity.

Arna and Vanessa use the lyrics in 'Big Heart' to process their journey of finding a comfort zone within sexuality. It's phase two of the new No Frills Twins. The first phase was 'Paper Love', released in April.

'Big Heart' is produced by Lupa J and co-written by Sam Phay.

Here, the twins pen an open letter for FROOTY, talking about the origins of the track, the themes of liberation within it, and the pressure they felt they faced to figure it all out.

"'I'm not afraid. I'm not ashamed. I'm not hiding. I'm just finding myself before I find someone else'.

This line is from the chorus of our new song 'Big Heart', our most personal song yet, as we open up about something we've never spoken about before – our sexualities. We're singing these lyrics first and foremost to ourselves as a comforting reminder that it's okay to take time figuring out who we are and who we love. The fast-paced world we live in can place so much pressure to speed up journeys that take time and we often want things at the click of a finger.

We've each known that we are both queer for years now, but the pressure to find a 'label that fits' added confusion. While Arna is confident in her sexual identity, Vanessa's struggle with 'figuring it out' made her feel out of touch with not only herself but others. When not only your peers but also your twin sister have their sexuality figured out, it can be alienating.

Vanessa remains unsure of which title fits, if any at all, but this song is about reaching a point of being comfortably unsure and celebrating that. While there is a sense of belonging in labels there is also a paradoxical freedom in having none at all.

When Vanessa especially finds herself overwhelmed with understanding her attraction, it's a calming of the storm to remember the important thing to search for is someone with a BIG HEART. Every time we listen to this song we're left feeling empowered and understood.

Having not yet 'come out' about one's sexuality doesn't necessarily mean that person feels shame around it. Like anything else personal, it's something best done in one's own time. Ourselves personally, we needed time to seek before we speak.

'We can only meet people as deeply as we have met ourselves' is a sentiment we love because we believe it's vital to find who you are within before seeking to find yourself in another person.

'Why now' to come out, you may be wondering?
It can simply take 25 years (or more) to figure out that you're still figuring it out.

We both feel like our journey with sexuality was slow, behind, and complex.

Vanessa in particular recalls a difficulty transitioning out of being the 'youngest children' in the family into women with needs and desires. It required overcoming a sense of shame and foreboding. The discomfort around deviating from this familiar 'young and innocent' role included avoiding anything that resembled 'coming-of-age' such as swear words, 'adult' vocabulary, conversations about puberty/body changes and difficulty expressing needs, feelings and boundaries.

What made it even harder was that none of our friends related to this inner struggle. Due to Vanessa’s difficulty discerning or even feeling sexual attraction at all, she spent many years questioning whether she may be asexual and running away from sexuality all together. But she has come to discover her sexual attraction is just rather specific. . . A 'type', and requires a strong emotional connection.

Fast forward to our mid-20s and newly moved to the city of Sydney, we still had many questions for parts of ourselves that our peers seemed to have already figured out. . . This is where 'Big Heart' was written from.

We teamed up with our good friend and incredible producer Lupa J to produce this track. With Lupa J being our first queer friend here in Sydney, we felt an affinity and safety in exploring this personal song together.

'Big Heart' feels like a diary entry, every line resonating with our personal experience. We wrote it without considering whether anyone would even hear it. Being so open has surprisingly made us feel strong instead of vulnerable!

If this song helps anyone else, even in the slightest way, we would be incredibly fulfilled.

Sending our love to everyone of every identity!
Vanessa and Arna (No Frills Twins) xx”

'Big Heart' is officially out 17 July.


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