Melbourne's Vetta Borne On Her Sophomore EP 'Emelia'

Multi-talented Melbourne singer-songwriter and producer Vetta Borne has dropped her second EP, titled 'Emelia'.

Vetta Borne

Vetta Borne recently became a triple j Unearthed feature artist, with her track 'Kissing Strangers' added to full rotation on the station. 'Emelia', like Vetta's debut EP 'Violeta', pays homage to her grandmother while reflecting on a new chapter in her life.

Vetta produces all of her own works from the comfort of her bedroom studio.

Here, we chat with Vetta Borne about the new music, which she says came from her own growth as a person who is able to validate her own emotions and experiences.

This is your sophomore EP. What was the main thing you learned from your first one?
From my last EP ‘Violeta’, the main thing I learnt was to trust and rely on myself and my experience with music. Producing for myself for the first time was scary, and I doubted myself a lot, but I put the songs out anyway and am proud of myself for that. 

And how have you applied that to ‘Emelia’?
I approached writing ‘Emilia’ the same way I did with ‘Violeta’. I didn’t set up any sessions with anybody. I spent months in my bedroom studio just sitting and getting to know myself better creatively and the EP came naturally. 

What would you say is the overarching theme of the EP?
I would say the theme would be self-realisation and awareness. Being in touch with yourself and being aware of the people who really matter to you and help you be your best self.

What was the weirdest thing you got up to during COVID/the lockdowns?
I was pretty anxious about finding ways to make money and support myself during the lockdowns. I recorded some pretty strange things. Things way out of my comfort zone and will definitely never show or confirm with anybody that it’s me. . . !

Any new hobbies that you’ve carried into life post-pandemic?
Me and my close friends found a love for painting. We’re not very good. . . But having each other’s company while we paint hot ass messes on canvas is fun and wholesome.

Tell us a bit about what to expect lyrically from this new music.
You can expect a lot of moments of me remembering who I am and realising that I’m that bitch. Knowing that I deserve only the best energy around me. What I put out is what I receive. 

How are you hoping audiences respond to the songs?
I hope it makes people feel closer to themselves. That they know to love themselves the way they deserve. To leave feeling loved and protected by the people around them and leave knowing that they all deserve the best for themselves. 

What’s on the horizon re live gigs for you coming up?
I will be doing a bunch of live shows around Australia around August and then definitely plan to keep it going from there. I also have some live recorded videos on the way out too.

'Emelia' by Vetta Borne is out now.


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