Listen: Cheap Date's New Single 'Woman To You'

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Category: Music Published: Wednesday, 18 August 2021 09:48

It may only be their second release ever, but Brisbane indie band Cheap Date's brand of melody-rich rock-pop nuanced by '90s nostalgia is worthy of your next playlist if 'Woman To You' is any indication.

After debuting in June with the honest bop-along anthem 'Beside Me', the five-piece led by Lara Dee return with the gorgeous, beautiful 'Woman To You' – the perfect track for couple swaying.

It's a lush, dreamy ride through warm '90s indie feels that still sounds super modern, like a Julia Jacklin or Phoebe Bridges jam.

Lyrically, it's an emotionally charged song with Lara sharing part of her own journey to offer insight many listeners may be able to relate to.

"Every time we play this song live I feel vulnerable," Lara says. "It is a part of me and my story that I have decided to put out into the world and that is scary.

"You never know how people are going to receive the lyrics and all you can do is hope it hits right. The goal is that it inspires others to accept who they are and the beauty of love in all shapes and forms."

"'Woman To You' is a song that I wrote as a way to express and come to terms with my sexuality as a young adult," Lara adds.

"I had spent my whole teenage life convinced that I would grow up, get a job, find a husband, build that white-picket fence and have kids.

"'Beside Me' was written about the last real relationship I had with a man before coming out as bisexual.

"This song is the follow-up to that. It is really an expression of obsession, which sounds a bit creepy, but I mean it in the most innocent way.

"I was suddenly allowing myself to feel and think about women in a way that felt natural and inherently like my true self."

Cheap Date launch 'Woman To You' at The Brightside (Brisbane) 19 August. The band also have shows at Greaser (Brisbane) 27 August and Tomcat (Brisbane) 28 August.

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