Donatachi Releases Mini-Album ''

Donatachi has dropped the follow-up to 2019 EP ‘Taste’, with ‘’.


The new mini-album embraces the ideals of a bright, utopian future in every track. It includes the previously-release ‘B2B Heartbeat’ with Cowgirl Clue, ‘Buttons’, ‘Cry’ and ‘FWD’, with Brisbane’s LÂLKA.

Along with familiar tracks, there’s also a swag of new music. . . Including ‘Pisces Rising’ with Sydney’s Chymes, and ‘On Ur Mind’ with one half of Kult Kyss, Rromarin.

“While each song stands strong individually, I love that they can be appreciated even more in the context of each other and the mini album as a whole,” Donatachi says of the work. They draw inspiration from the formative years of rave, jungle and breakbeat, but also inject their own signature hyper-bubblegum pop sound into the music. 


“I've put more of myself into this than anything I’ve ever done before,” they say.

‘’ was made with the artist’s movement toward a new sonic direction in mind, and a desire to see how far they can push their bubblegum bops.

'' Tracklist

1. Cry
2. Buttons
3. 'B2B Heartbeat' (featuring Cowgirl Clue)
4. 'Pisces Rising' (featuring Chymes)
5. 'On Ur Mind' (featuring Rromarin)
6. 'FWD' (featuring LÂLKA)
7. 'Forever + Ever'

‘’ is out now.


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