Brisbane Welcomes Back Courtney Act For Big Gay Day 2022

Courtney Act is no stranger to daring performances.

Courtney Act - Image © Joseph Sinclair

Amidst an illustrious career as a singer, drag superstar, and all-round entertainer, Courtney Act has earned her place as one of the big names for every event she performs at. The next on her schedule? Big Gay Day in Brisbane, hosted by iconic 136-year-old venue The Wickham.

A Brisbane local herself, Courtney talks of the city’s “looseness” that attracts visitors from all over. She’s looking forward to bringing her friends up from Sydney to visit her old haunts. Courtney speaks of her love of the vibrant city, a trendy hub that encompasses so many suburbs, alleyways and hotspots for adventure and mischief.

When remembering the kinds of events she’s been to, Courtney speaks of Vanessa Amorosi, a fellow Big Gay Day headliner and “an amazing live entertainer”.

“I saw Vanessa Amorosi at Big Gay Day, maybe 10 or 15 years ago,” she says. “She whipped the crowd into a frenzy. It was one of the most electric experiences, because she took the whole crowd on a journey.”

Both Vanessa and Courtney were part of the Mardi Gras festivities this year as well, and after Courtney’s Instagram campaign to get Vanessa to sing 'Heroes Live Forever' at Big Gay Day, perhaps this will be the day she performs the legendary song for a fellow legendary performer.

Courtney admits most of her events are LGBTQIA+-tuned, in Europe, Australia and the US, but the majority of her audience are straight women and gay men. But the thing she loves about an event like Big Gay Day is that it’s focused on bringing the community together, like a big family.

“Thinking about my set, thinking about the songs I want to do, I want to keep it queer.”

She’s clearly looking forward to coming back to her slice of Australiana, a place that she holds so dear, to celebrate a day that means so much to her.

2022 Parade 2
Courtney Act at Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras 2022

“Big Gay Day is an amazing party, it’s packed,” Courtney says, with joy in her voice. “It’s not about the size of the city, it’s about the heart of the community and Brisbane has got such a big heart. People are just so excited to celebrate and have a good time.”

Events like Big Gay Day help the queer community celebrate and revel in the joy and honour of being queer. With so many queer bars and spaces closing down, it’s more important than ever to celebrate ourselves, our history, and our pride.


The year 2022 marks 22 years of Big Gay Day. It's sure to once again feature musical acts aplenty (check out the full line-up here), drag extravaganzas, opportunities to raise funds and awareness for charities, and of course a chance to dance at one of Brisbane's biggest street parties.

The likes of Boy George, Sporty Spice Mel C and The Veronicas have all taken to the stage, and last year's event saw more than 2,800 people through the doors raising money for charities including the Queensland AIDS Council, Brisbane Pride, and Open Doors Youth Service.

BigGayDay charities

Courtney talks of the different events around Brisbane like MELT Festival Of Queer Arts And Culture, and queer performances at the Powerhouse. The theatre scene in Brisbane both caters to and is partly run by members of the queer community, but a lot of events in the city are still underground. While the queer scene is becoming more mainstream, it still feels as unknown as ever, especially in the political sphere.

Having achieved so much in her life, Courtney is still humbled by the opportunity to perform for fellow LGBTQIA+ people. And it's safe to say the community couldn’t be happier that she’s choosing to showcase her talents as one of the leading performers in the world, for Big Gay Day in 2022.

Big Gay Day is on at The Wickham (Brisbane) 1 May.


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