Alyssa Edwards Is The Supreme

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Category: Arts Published: Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:14

You’ve seen her in 'The Secret Is Out', you’ve seen her in 'Dancing Queen', now get ready for Alyssa Edwards: 'The Supreme Tour'.

This is Alyssa's greatest show yet. She'll be arriving just in time for Mardi Gras and twirling her way around the country in true Alyssa style.

It's a full-length spectacular featuring more performances from Alyssa and her dancers than ever before. Of course there's shiny, shimmering and splendid costumes, Alyssa's special brand of storytelling, and flips, kicks and twirls.

Alyssa gives us a sneak peek into what to expect at 'The Supreme Tour'.

We've seen you flipping, kicking and serving looks time after time. What can we expect in 'The Supreme Tour'?!
'The Supreme Tour' is the ultimate Alyssa Edwards fantasy charade!

And do you have something particularly sparkly planned for Mardi Gras?
Now y’all already know that if I’m gonna be involved in the world's largest celebration I’m gonna have to not only sparkle but SHINE! Stay tuned as momma is a-coming full out!

What's your favourite thing about touring the world with your drag expertise?
This is truly a dream come true and I’m beyond thankful I’ve had this opportunity to share my art, stories and life with the world for the past eight years. WOW, what a lucky lady I am and eternally grateful always and forever.

Alyssa Edwards Tour Dates

20 February – Mary's Poppin (Adelaide)
21 February – Chasers (Melbourne)
22 February – Family (Brisbane)
23 February – Connections (Perth)
27 February – Refectory (Canberra)
28 February – Home (Sydney) (Mardi Gras Opening Party)
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