Trailer Alert: Australian YouTube Series 'Ding Dong I'm Gay'

Written by Staff Writers
Category: TV & Film Published: Friday, 26 June 2020 13:07

Season one of the new queer and sex-positive digital series 'Ding Dong I'm Gay' has a teaser trailer.

Based on the pilot series from 2018, 'Ding Dong I'm Gay' is created by award-winning writer Tim Spencer ('Oasis', 'Cherry Season') and directed by Joshua Longhurst ('Oasis', 'Cherry Season') and Sarah Bishop ('Skit Box', 'Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am').

Six years after coming out and moving to Sydney, Cameron's (Tim Spencer) dreams of elite parties and jaw-lined boyfriends have flatlined.

He's determined to pin down his almost-boyfriend Jack (Rupert Raineri) and prove he's an all-knowing gay guru to his newly-out country cousin Toby (Brayden Dalmazzone).

Cameron mentors Toby from how to bottom to hook-up strategy. Toby's naive country charm makes him an instant hit, but Cameron's insecurities soon threaten to drive a wedge between them.

'Ding Dong I'm Gay' is coming to YouTube 22 July.

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