New Campaign/Films Showing Diversity And The Power Of Healthy Queer Relationships

A new Australian-first campaign, launched on Human Rights Day (10 December) is aiming to showcase positive representation of diverse LGBTQ relationships.

'At The Front Door'

‘At The Front Door’, from AIDS Council Of New South Wales (ACON) seeks to address the drivers of – and the social conditions/attitudes that contribute to – intimate partner and sexual violence. Produced by ACON’s domestic/family violence platform Say It Out Loud, it comprises of a series of films featuring queer folk from around Australia opening up about their relationships. This is to help inspire healthier practices and improve relationships and wellbeing.

“It is significant that on Human Rights Day we launch this Say It Out Loud campaign that celebrates the depth and diversity of healthy LGBTQ relationships,” ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says. 

“It is important that we acknowledge that many LGBTQ people are in happy, healthy relationships, and that relationship role modelling is an important aspect to preventing sexual, domestic and family violence in our communities.”

The current ‘At The Front Door’ film is for those within the community who have previously been left out of mainstream domestic and family violence prevention campaigns. It also focuses on how particular forms of discrimination, marginalisation and violence impact on community behaviour and attitudes.

It’s the first film in a series and can be seen across ACON’s social media platforms as well as their Say It Out Loud website.

Further films from ‘At The Front Door’ will be released in February 2022.


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