Rainbow Riots – New World Pride-Themed Single ‘We Don’t Care’

International LGBTQIA+ human rights organisation Rainbow Riots have released the new single ‘We Don’t Care’ – the first ever song with a World Pride theme.

Rainbow Riots

‘We Don’t Care’ is a global protest against hatred toward the queer community, an issue more pressing than ever following the terrorist attack on Oslo Pride.

The song is composed and produced by Swedish artist and queer activist Petter Wallenberg, in collaboration with queer singers from around the world, including places where same-sex relations are illegal.

“It’s time that everyone in the whole world joined forces to put an end to the violent hatred that LGBT people face, whether in Norway or Nigeria, Uganda or USA, Iran or Ireland, ” Petter says. “The new song ‘We Don't Care’ is our way, as queer artists, to fight hatred with creativity. I made it with queer voices from four continents, including countries where it is illegal to be LGBT. We want to show the world that every human has the right to be and love whoever they want.”

Petter has founded the award-winning non-profit organisation Rainbow Riots, where he creates music and creative collaborations with other queer artist. This new single aims to use the power of music to mobilise the world against violence and discrimination.

The song features Sweden’s first LGBTQIA+ gospel choir Rainbow Gospel, Brayo Bryans, Tropical Marca (drag artist), Jwl B. (From American queer rap group Yo Majesty), Mista Majah P (a Jamaican reggae singer risking his life fighting homophobia in Jamaica), Shivanah (a queer refugee in Kenya) and Rainbow Riots Uganda.

’We Don’t Care’ is out now.


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