Premiere: Watch Louise Terra’s New Music Video ‘Yuu’

Castlemaine-via-Melbourne musician/artist Louise Terra today premieres her pulsing, mesmerising track ‘Yuu’ and its accompanying music video.


‘Yuu’ rounds out a trio of singles recently released by Louise – ‘Nature Calling’ and ‘J.B.’.

The track is upbeat and playful, mirroring its lyrics which reflect on the frivolity and freedom of youth.

“I was mucking around with a trap sample pack when I was making 'Yuu' and I got really excited about using the vocal chant samples to create a syncopated beat,” Louise says. 

“This exploration opened up the song writing process and allowed parts that were playful and breezy to come through. I wrote the lyrics in an automatic style of delivery which is a common technique in my songwriting. After I write, I then work out what the song is about. ‘Yuu’ is about reconnecting with the inner child, the open and curious nature that we had when we were kids, who we often learn to reject or forget as we grow older. To invite them over to ‘come into my room’ and have tea and listen to music.”

Louise’s music story dates back to the late nineties. She’s grown up on a steady diet of experimental pop and electronic music from the get-go, bringing with her a rich set of influences such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Enigma and Susumu Yakota.

Her upcoming EP ‘Follow The Moon Into The Ocean’ set for release in April aims to present a shimmering meeting place between meditative and danceable.

Meanwhile the video for new track ‘Yuu’, which FROOTY is also thrilled to be premiering today, captures the dreamy, hypnotic essence of the track. It’s directed, shot and edited by local filmmaker Jeannie Brown, paying homage to surrealist and experimental abstract cinema. 

Check it out below before its official release tomorrow (31 March). 

“The making of ‘Yuu’ was a labour of love,” Jeannie Brown describes. “Louise and I realised early on we both possessed a healthy enthusiasm for surrealistic visual and temporal distortions in art.” 

“This provided a stepping stone for what became a series of playful experimentations both on set and within the editing process. Not all experiments made the final cut but all were invaluable collaborative, joyous discoveries in their own right. The lengthy delays in scheduling provided a means for ideas to mature and unfold of their own accord.”

The video’s visuals alternate between a milky bathtub, rolling fields of grass, and pitch-black forests, all with Louise at their centre. Costuming in the video is done by Alice Edgeley.

Louise reflects on the process of putting ‘Yuu’’s video together.

“The clip for ‘Yuu’ has been years in the making,” she says. “In late 2019 Jeannie and I pulled the concept together, and after a few months of organising and storyboarding we planned to shoot on the first weekend Melbourne went into lockdown for 2020. Over the next eight months not much happened on the clip front.” 

“I moved out of Melbourne and into a gorgeous rental house in Castlemaine. When Jeannie and I were able to reunite again and start production, there were still restrictions in place so we couldn’t access any of the Melbourne locations we had planned. We needed to adapt to the uncertainty and simplified the concept so we could still work on it even if restrictions were to change again. 

“We decided to shoot it in and around where I live in Castlemaine. The shoot was really creative and fun; we just had a lot of curiosity and we weren’t too attached to the outcome. It helps that Jeannie and I have been friends for a long time and I really trust her visual art aesthetic.”

‘Yuu’ and its video are officially released 31 March. 'Follow The Moon Into The Ocean' is out 14 April.


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