Premiere: Watch Cassy Judy's New Music Video 'I Don't Want Anything From You'

Sydney-based alt/folk musician Cassy Judy makes a confident statement over a groovy bassline and percussion, in 'I Don't Want Anything From You’.

Cassy Judy

A proud transgender woman, Cassy is a criminal lawyer and activist on top of being a musician. Over the last year, Cassy’s been feeding her listeners snippets of her upcoming EP 'Seven Ways' – each track featuring searingly honest reflections, different perspectives, and a range of sounds, feelings and emotions.

'I Don't Want Anything From You' is a continuation of this trend of the 'Seven Ways' tracks. It's fuelled by twisted spite, with references to the Seven Ways intersection in Rockdale, Sydney.

“I can't make you be with me, and I don't want anything from you,” Cassy sings on the break-up track, which starts softly, primarily featuring Cassy’s vocals and an acoustic guitar. . . Before the ever-so-catchy bassline kicks in and the sass is heightened even further.

“For a time our love was like a totally integrated transport interchange,” Cassy continues on the track. “Busy, chaotic, but ultimately functional.”

“But then construction stopped.”

“The song is really the central soul of the 'Seven Ways' EP,” the musician says. “It's the thematic heart of the project. Just like the Seven Ways in Rockdale, life is a collection of tax, sex and death.”

“The song came from the entrails of relationship break-up where we were sharing the same space but not connecting at all.”

“It was initially conceived as a slow, heart-rending ballad, but I decided to flick the switch to vaudeville and went for a Black Box 'Fantasy' type vibe. I think we came up with a grooving track! I really hope that people like it.”

FROOTY is amped to be able to share the track and its video (filmed in IKEA at Tempe by Graham Stoney) two days ahead of its release. Check it out below.

“The video was a renegade filming project. No forms. No permission,” Cassy describes. “Just rock up at Tempe IKEA and go for it! No one seemed to mind, in fact, I think the punters quite enjoyed it.”

Cassy sits in the middle of the store strumming on her guitar as customers pass by – exuding the same devil-may-care attitude heard throughout 'I Don't Want Anything From You'.

This track is the last drip before Cassy releases her full 'Seven Ways' EP on Friday 29 April. The EP features previously-released tracks 'When The World Was Flat', 'Another Piece Of Ass', and 'I Miss You', plus some unreleased tracks.

“I'm looking forward to people enjoying the breadth of artistic expression on this EP. It's got a trap ballad ('Love Of A Lifetime'), an homage to trans people who've lost their lives to violence ('We Remember Them') and a fun trans collaboration with Calendar Girlz.”

“This EP really takes the listener on a journey!”

“'Seven Ways' was recorded in lockdown, it helped me stay sane when my paid work dried up,” Cassy says. “It features about 15 other musicians including Josh Shipton, DJ Victoria Anthony, Arden Cassie, Russell Neal, Nita Ripin, Simon Hart, Sam Schroder, Rueben Johnson, Neil Nivison-Smith and Sam Fish.”

“There is true joy to be found in collaboration!”

Cassy Judy's 'Seven Ways' EP launch is on at Red Rattler Theatre (Sydney) on 28 April. 'I Don't Want Anything From You', and the 'Seven Ways' EP, are out on 29 April.


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