Premiere: Stream Emma Volard’s New Single ‘Two Sides’

Naarm/Melbourne future soul artist Emma Volard is hypnotising us all, with the release of new single ‘Two Sides’.

Emma Volard - Image © @jacckcraig

Emma Volard – whose music landscape has steadily grown, landing them at events like BIGSOUND, WOMAD, Melbourne Music Week and more as well as support slots for the likes of The Bamboos and The Teskey Brothers – presents new single ‘Two Sides’, not too long after the stomping ear worm ‘Shinin’’.

This next offering is immediately alluring and engaging in its first few seconds. Hypnotic percussion leads into psychedelic synths, as Emma gets vulnerable and emotional with lyricism and vocals as smooth as butter.

‘Two Sides’ was written in the depth of night – a time when the world is the most still. . . Arguably an ideal time to let those creative juices flow, and for the feeling to take over.

“This track reared its head in an outpour of emotion late in the night. I feel like all the heaviest and most heartfelt songs happen in the dark in one’s own solitude,” Emma says.

“’Two Sides' tells my story – my journey into understanding my queer identity. From tangling with my fears of isolation, change, and losing the one’s close to me to rising above and allowing myself to be who I am. It's a track about finding yourself, and the freedom you feel when you can share you, in your most true form.”

FROOTY couldn't be more excited to be giving our readers an early listen of 'Two Sides' before its official release (10 May). Stream it below.

Emma talks about music as a medium to reflect.

“[The track] wasn’t necessarily something I intended on writing, but it was definitely something I needed to express. I count myself very lucky to be able to make music as it is a vessel for me to go inwards and really dissect my conditioning and self.”

The track soon opens up to spacey guitars, swelling and accentuating the melancholy. ‘Two Sides’ is a raw examination of gender identity and embracing your gender. Emma’s relationship to the material is, naturally, incredibly personal.

“This song is therapy,” they reveal. “It’s raw, it’s emotional and tender. Minimalist in nature, but complex and heartfelt. I wrote it as a love letter to myself; reminding me to live truly and authentically. An ode to those who don’t conform to one gender and live outside the binary.”

When it comes to how the track sounds, Emma says there was plenty to draw from – and plenty they were inspired to create.

“I was super inspired sonically by artists like Lea Sen, Nick Hakim and Oscar Jerome in this creative process. Their ability to portray a message through their vocal performance and minimalist psychedelic production was something I wanted to emulate in this song.

“I am big into the space they create with their arrangements and choice in effects, making it almost feel voyeuristic – like they are making a demo in their bedroom and we aren’t meant to be listening in. I am always inspired by nature. We recorded this song along the coast of Phillip Island where I grew up, which I think added to the tender and organic performance on this track. In fact, it was the tune that came together the easiest on my upcoming record ‘Alibi’. I think we did two takes all up.”

'Two Sides' is officially out 10 May.