Possible Prince X Asks ‘Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?’ In Upcoming Single

Queer Melbourne artist Possible Prince X is set to release his next single ‘Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?’

‘Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?’

‘Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?’ is taken from Possible Prince X’s upcoming debut album, and was written and composed by the artist and produced by Craig Bryant, at Melbourne’s Paxus Productions.

The single explores a quest for love, and questions whether one can ever ben loved in ways yearned for. Influences range from Kylie Minogue, to Muse, to Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s futuristic but also feels old school, with disco synths and driving drums.

“ʼHave You Seen The Moon Tonight?ʼ was one of the last songs I wrote for my album,” Possible Prince X says. “It addresses my desire for romantic love and questions whether itʼs even possible, because realistically not everyone finds that.”

“The title came from the overused trope in films where separated lovers look longingly at the moon at exactly the same time. I always found this to be ridiculous, and yet still a part of me yearns for that kind of Hollywood cliche. The song questions whether thatʼs out there for me and further to that, whether I am even worthy of it.”

‘Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?’ is the fourth recent release for Possible Prince X – having already dropped ‘The Monster’, ‘Someone Else’s Life’ and ‘Beautiful Femme Boy’ up to November last year.

‘Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?’ is out everywhere on 21 June.


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