Karin Ann – Making Waves Abroad With Message-Filled Music

Located in eastern Europe is 19-year-old Slovakian wunderkind musician Karin Ann.

Karin Ann - Image © SaraShots

Karin Ann is making a name for herself as a champion for LGBTQIA+ and minority rights, in a part of the world where being who you are still isn't the norm.

Karin is known for the far-ranging topics and themes throughout her music, such as gender equality, mental health, and toxicity in romance. The Czech Republic Music Awards voted Karin as 'Discovery Of The Year', and, as part of Spotify's EQUAL Music Program, Karin became the first Slovak artist to appear on a giant billboard in New York City's Times Square.

Next on Karin's release schedule is boppy new single 'You Make Me Miserable'. The chorus is instantly catchy, oozing 2000s rom-com vibes and striking a perfect balance of bubblegum pop, rock and punk.

We chat to Karin Ann about 'You Make Me Miserable'.

You have appeared in TIMES SQUARE on a giant billboard. What was that like?!
I still don’t believe it actually happened, like I feel like I was pranked or something haha, very surreal.

For those new to Karin Ann, what can you tell us about you as an artist?
Well I’m just a young person going through life and dealing with it through art!

And how about your new single ‘You Make Me Miserable’?
There was a guy I really liked, I thought he really liked me cause we were flirting a lot etcetera etcetera, and then a couple months later I found out the whole time he had a girlfriend, so I wrote a fun song about it!

You touch on some pretty important topics in your music. Why do you choose to write about the things you do?
I write about things I go through, my friends go through or I see people go through, as a way to deal with it, I write about it.

And how do you hope listeners respond when they hear what you have to say?
I hope people relate, I hope it gives them a safe haven, a community, somewhere to belong so they don’t feel alone.

How would you describe your live performance style?
I think I’m still figuring my performance style out, haha!

What are you most looking forward to about when you get to hit Aussie shores?
I’ve never been to Australia so I’m really excited to see it, I really want to go see some animal sanctuaries as well, what I am scared of however is seeing Australian spiders haha!

Karin Ann's single 'You Make Me Miserable' is out now.


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