First Listen: Simo Soo's New EP 'I Feel Weird (Episodes 1 To 5)'

Melbourne noise rapper/producer Simo Soo has just released their self-produced new EP 'I Feel Weird (Episodes 1 To 5)'.

Simo Soo - Image © FAINT

The EP features guest appearances from Bilby, FCK and Rude Armada, and was recorded in three weeks in the unused rooftop shed of a Melbourne sharehouse. It's Simo's first new music release of 2020, with the artist speaking on their experiences living through Melbourne's COVID lockdown.

Simo is a keen experimentalist – they love pop music theory and are a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist.

'I Feel Weird' is a mixture of maximalist beats, distorted bass, warped string sections and percussion with lyrics addressing confusion, anxiety and loneliness they have felt during 2020, among moments of clarity, stillness and occasional horniness.

Sydney's Bilby features in a digitally-enhanced cameo on opening track 'It's Cool We're Housemates', while 'Fireworks' is a noise rap rager with Melbourne's FCK. Meanwhile, 'Eyyyyy' features Rude Armada and airs grievances for underground musicians, set to a warped sci-fi soundtrack.

'I Feel Weird (Episodes 1 To 5)' is out now.


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