First Listen: Bella Ferraro's Intoxicating New Single 'Believe You'

Two months after mesmerising us with the pulsating synths of reintroduction single 'Her', Sydney-born, Manchester-based singer-songwriter Bella Ferraro is certifying her new confidence with 'Believe You'.

Bella Ferraro

Backed by an aggressively funky bassline and lyrics addressing the tension around a long, fractured friendship, 'Believe You' is equal parts dark and groovy.

"‘Believe You’ came about very quickly," Bella explains. "I was sitting in my shower, brooding over an upcoming trip to Japan with my best friend, and realising that I didn’t even want to go anymore."

"Strangely, from the minute we’d purchased our flights, the dynamics in our friendship began to shift. In the months leading up to our departure, it became very clear to me how much we were growing apart. In figuring out how to address my feelings with her, I ended up writing the bulk of ‘Believe You’ in that shower.”

The cover art for the single, designed by Brisbane-based artist Nat Popovski, features a pair of heels widely worn by sex workers, revealing another layer to the track and another clue about Bella's endeavours outside of music.

Co-produced by Sydney's Zepha and WCB and mastered by Ben Feggans at Studios 301, 'Believe You' is from Bella's upcoming debut EP, set for release in early 2021.

'Believe You' is out now.


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