'Tell Me Why' – The New Video Game Promoting Diversity And Inclusivity

Dontnod Entertainment – the video game developer behind 'Life Is Strange' – presents 'Tell Me Why', an upcoming adventure game. . . Featuring a game-changing character.

'Tell Me Why'

Alyson and Tyler are twins. 'Tell Me Why' is centred around their return to their childhood home to come to terms with events from their childhood. This will be a particularly interesting event for Tyler, who has transitioned from female to male since then.

Tyler is the first playable transgender protagonist from any major studio. Dontnod worked with GLAAD to ensure authenticity.

TellMeWhy 2

"Tyler and Alyson react to their memories, discoveries, and environments in ways that reflect real-world experiences," Dontnod Entertainment says. "We avoided hyperbole in favour of nuanced portrayals that more closely resemble the ways actual people react to the world around them."

"It was especially important to us to portray Tyler, a transgender man, in a nuanced and relatable way that avoided the problematic tropes that have historically plagued trans representation in games and other media.

TellMeWhy 3

"Tyler being a transgender man is part of the story, but not the centre of the story. The relationship between Tyler and Alyson and their journey to uncover the past is the focus of 'Tell Me Why'."

Gameplay in 'Tell Me Why' is anchored around a supernatural link between the twins, allowing them to replay their memories. Players will use this as one of many tools to unravel the truth of events surrounding their mother's death.

The game will be experienced over three separate chapters, with only one week in-between releases.

'Tell Me Why' Chapter 1 is released 27 August for Xbox One and PC.


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