Lady Gaga Surprised A Superfan Cosmetology Student And It's Adorable

To celebrate the launch of Lady Gaga's makeup line Haus Laboratories, 19-year-old Brandon was surprised with a sneak-peek at the products in a special session with Gaga's makeup artist Sarah Tanno.

Lady Gaga meets Brandon

What Brandon didn't know was that the pop icon herself was waiting in the shadows to meet him.

The result is an extremely shocked Brandon, who reads Gaga a letter he wrote for her, and the exchange between the two is super heartwarming, calm, and just genuinely adorable.

Gaga is visibly emotional from Brandon's letter and once she leaves, it's not long before she's back to give him more hugs and let him know how much he means to her.

Check it out below.

Haus Laboratories is available now!


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