Sydney Pride Festival 2021 – Diversity, Equality And Inclusion

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Category: Agenda Published: Thursday, 03 June 2021 16:39

After a year of challenges in 2020 which saw things move online to keep the queer community community connected, Sydney Pride Festival will return with a schedule of more than 160 registered events, both online and in-person.

The festival features the likes of art, cinema, trivia, debates, sports, stories and entertainment – the biggest yet, now that dancing has returned and large groups can hang out together! 

Highlights at Stonewall Hotel include 'Bona To Varda Cabaret', 'Salon Flamenco' 'RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under' live viewing party, 'Comedy Brew' queer comedy night and 'Miss Stonewall 2021'.

“This year’s Pride theme, 'Diversity, Equality And Inclusion' ensures fair treatment and opportunity for all of us to move forward together as we create a better future. The importance of Pride is to come together and support each other and celebrate our diversity with love and compassion,” Organiser Glenn Hansen says.

“COVID has made us stronger and more determined than ever to look after each other. Loss of jobs, mental health and fear of the pandemic have had an effect on all of us. We must learn to care and accept people who are from different cultures, have different views and come together and have pride in our community. 

“How we interact through discussion, education and understanding is important to our future.”

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Sydney Pride Festival is grass roots, and an opportunity to pass on the history and raise awareness and education of LGBTQIA+ charities and organisations. 

“Everyone creates their own events and we do our best to bring it all together,” Glenn continues. “Challenges we face are making sure events are COVID safe and we still have restrictions on numbers at some events.”

“Also without our overseas guests and less travel between states due to current restrictions it will be very much a local event this year.”

In 2020, the event transitioned to a virtual experience.

“It was great to connect with people all around the world,” Glenn reflects. “Everyone was affected by the pandemic and it greatly affected our venues and entertainers. We hope people will support the local venues and our entertainers can do what they do best in front of live audiences. This year we hope to rebuild and celebrate together as we remember the history, appreciate the present and look forward to a brighter future filled with Diversity, Equality And Inclusion'.”

Sydney Pride Festival is on from 3-30 June.

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