Flickerfest – Rainbow Shorts Brings Colour To Bondi

For the fifth year, in Rainbow Shorts, LGBTQIA+ stories are celebrated and screened during Flickerfest Short Film Festival.

'Beautiful They'

Rainbow Shorts is curated by award-winning queer filmmaker Craig Boreham, and this year features a list of films covering everything from drag, to gender identity, to sexuality, homophobia, and more.

It's an opportunity for queer talent to be brought together and featured in one night of storytelling, expression and representation.

This year features more Australian talent than ever before.

Here, we speak to Rainbow Shorts Curator Craig Boreham to learn more about the yearly programme, and its 2022 offering.

It’s year number five for Rainbow Shorts at Flickerfest. For those unfamiliar, what’s it all about?
Rainbow Shorts is a showcase of the best LGBTQIA+ short films from around the world. It’s a real window into our communities and our stories from all corners of the globe at Flickerfest right on Bondi Beach.

Why do you think this showcase is an important part of Flickerfest?
Flickerfest is a very prestigious festival on the Australian film festival circuit, and it has always included a great selection of LGBTQIA+ films throughout the broader festival programme, and they still do. But the Rainbow Shorts session is an opportunity for our community to come together and watch a bunch of amazing films that are just about us. Our community and its stories are so incredibly diverse, and it is always wonderful to be reminded of that and to see what ideas the filmmakers are exploring each year. It’s always a fantastic vibe.

Little Sky Flickerfest
'Little Sky'

What can you tell us about this year’s offering?
This year the filmmakers are really playing with the short film form and genre. The storytelling has really evolved to an elegant level of filmmaking, and the points of view are specific and bold. There’s animation, dance, musical numbers, and a whole lot of heart across this year’s programme.

Do you have a favourite film out of those in the 2022 Rainbow Shorts?
So many favourites! I’m not going to single any out because I love all of them in different ways and they are all so unique. We have some international films having their Australian premiere at Rainbow Shorts that have already made some big waves on the international festival circuit. We also have three Australian films this year, which is more than we have had ever before.

As a filmmaker, what do you think is the most effective tool when it comes to creating film surrounding queer characters/themes?
Story and character are everything. Representation is important but it is not enough by itself to engage an audience. When we watch films, we want to get on board the character’s journey and go along for the ride and that is equally true for queer film.

Are You Still Watching Flickerfest
'Are You Still Watching?'

And what do you love most about the effectiveness of film in general?
The thing I love about film is that it is a way to explore ideas and create a conversation and entertain people at the same time.

What has been your favourite part about curating this showcase for Flickerfest to date?
My favourite thing every year is just seeing what the filmmakers want to talk about and the stories they have been driven to tell. It is always surprising and forever evolving and this year has been no different!

Rainbow Shorts is screening on 28 January as part of Flickerfest, taking place at Bondi Beach from 21-30 January.


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