Youthfire Likes Nice Boys In New Collaboration With Abraham Tilbury

Indie Melbourne producer Youthfire has teamed up with electronic artist Abraham Tilbury, to present their first musical offering for 2019: 'Nice Boys'.


Exploring the beauty of queer life and inspired by the documentary '100 Men', the track came into existence with help from Brisbane musician Kathryn McKee, and was mixed by Tristan Hoogland (Huntly, Touch Sensitive) and mastered by Matthew Agoglia (The Gorillas, Joywave).

It's minimalist and mesmerising, addressing themes of self-discovery, connection, and timeless desires.

Youthfire provides a little more insight on the track, and more.

First of all, how would you describe yourself as an artist?
I’m like a magpie. Always collecting ideas wherever I go. I have a little radar going on in the back of my mind. Someone might say something to me. I might overhear a conversation. Hear a song whilst shopping, etc. I’m a magpie! Haha.

When you write and perform music, what intentions are there?
Perhaps my intention was to be honest and authentic to my own expression. And to write music that allows people to connect with their inner divas (or their truest and brightest expression). So, in order to achieve that my intention is to share my BOLDEST and truest expression through my music.

You've just launched your single 'Nice Boys'. How does it feel to get it out into the world?!
AMAZING! I really love this song. I’m a tough critic when it comes to my own music. But 'Nice Boys' is probably one of the first songs that I’ve released where I can sit back and just feel really good and proud of what I’ve created. I’ve also received a lot of positive feedback about the song since it was released. It’s been exciting to see people’s reactions to the song.

It's all about 'the beauty of queerness, connection, disconnection, and timeless desires'. Tell us more about the inspiration behind the song.
The song was inspired by the documentary ‘100 Men.’ The documentary explores queer culture and its evolution over the last 50-60 years. At its essence, I felt that there were many themes, feelings and desires felt by queer people that haven't changed and are still prevalent today. Well, at least from my own personal experiences with love as a queer person.

What are you hoping to communicate to listeners with 'Nice Boys'?
In our culture, queer representation is minimal. Especially when considering diversity. In 'Nice Boys' I wanted to share my voice and my personal experiences around what it’s like to search for ‘one nice boy’, and to contribute my experiences to the dialogue of queer representation within our culture.

And why do you think these themes are important to address in music?
Following on from the above question, I think this is SO important because I feel that we are at a tipping point with our culture. More voices are being heard. More diversity is being represented and shown clearer. And this contributes to understanding, acceptance and love.

What's on the horizon for you musically?
WRITING! I’ve booked in writing time post-'Nice Boys' release. And I can’t wait to get back into the studio to create more music! I’ve also been working profusely on my live show, exploring more performance ideas.


'Nice Boys' is out now.


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