Valkyrie Have A 'Good Thing' Going On With Their New Single

The world is long overdue for some good vibes and good energy. Valkyrie’s aptly named track 'Good Thing' is here to supply just that.


The South Auckland pop trio's debut Australian release is glossy and camp, unafraid to get a bit sexy. It's a fusion of pop, R&B and disco, with lyrics about sustaining the energy good vibes can create.

Valkyrie, featuring guitarist Rebel Reid, vocalist Omer Gilroy and drummer/keyboardist Brandon Haru, is a musical collaboration that goes back to 2015. Since, they've flourished across a number of releases and live gigs, establishing themselves as a band to watch in NZ.

Now it's Australia's turn to get a taste of Valkyrie. . . And that's a 'Good Thing' for sure.

We get to know the band and their new track.

This is a nice, heavy dose of groovy pop. How much fun was it putting 'Good Thing' together?
Groovy pop, what a cool description for 'Good Thing', thank you FROOTY! It was basically fun that made this song. . . We were very lucky to stay at a studio out in the bush that is decorated with thousands of Beatles, Stones and Hendrix memorabilia so we were surrounded by the greats. Was almost like the song was written about having a one night fling with Jimi or Mick, or both!

For those of us just hearing Valkyrie for the first time. . . What is one thing we should know about you?
For the first timers be prepared to enter a dark, an anthemic ride into a blockbuster movie, then like a theme park you can enter the feels ride and now 'Good Thing' is for the fun ride, like on a Mariah Carey video.

You all essentially got together in 2015. What is the main thing you've learned, as a group, in the last five years?
In the last five years we have learnt to just not give up, like every band, solo artist, any creative, we will all face the doubt train and the Nancy Nos, and you have to just get up and just bloody carry on because if you believe in what you are doing that's all that matters. . . That's what we have learnt, to keep on keeping on.

And what's the best thing about making music?
Rebel: The best thing for me is watching someone moved by your music, it's kinda like magic, Jedi powers, you physically moved someone's soul with this magical thing called music.
Omer: The best thing about making music is definitely what Reb said but also that 'eureka' moment when you’re trying new things out and something just magically clicks into place so perfectly! Whether it’s a melody or a sentence or an idea for the bridge or anything like that, you have that moment of “oh my gosh, that’s it!”. . . It’s like you’ve managed to string little jigsaw pieces together to make something magical and it feels so good when it happens.

The messages in 'Good Thing' are quite refreshing amidst all the negativity of the current state of the world. Was that intentional when you were writing it?
You know that's a good question, crikey, at that particular time in 2019, man, what was going through my head was a lot of negativity towards our music, a lot of opinions and direction, do it this way, what is Valkyrie’s sound? Man that was an era of confusion and stink as vibes, 'Good Thing' was literally asking the fortune tellers if Valkyrie had a good thing going on.

You're big fans of performing live. With NZ essentially back to normal, have you been able to start mapping out your next gigs? What can fans expect from a Valkyrie set?
Well, secret's in the sauce. . . (little joke from my Aunty Sipsy). We are planning on a 2021 tour, as well as some cool gigs to end the year off. Very different gigs, experiences really. We had a cave party in February, we love to give the audience a show. We are into theatrics – (wink) – so our fans will be getting the full Valkyrie experience which includes epic music, epic lighting, costuming, dances, interactive theatrics, like a mini Michael Jackson show.

What attracts you to live performance?
What attracts us is the moment to be our truest form. I guess if we are all balls of light, energy, when we are performing on stage, we don't have our human suit on. Playing music and sharing that wave with other humans, or balls of light, is like the greatest high of all time. No drug or drink can get you that happy and whole.

The video for this track is a bit of an adventure. Where did the concept come from?
Coming up with this video clip was hectic! We threw ideas around for ages – felt like months, but we ended up coming back to the original concept we first thought of. In Valkyrie, we always talk about wanting to take people into our 'world', and that’s what we wanted to do for 'Good Thing'. Something really bright and loud, something odd and quirky and to be honest, just good ol’ fun! Our videos are quite mysterious and cinematic so it was fresh to do something completely opposite and freeing!

What can we expect in the future from Valkyrie?
Expect more than just music from us. Valkyrie is going to take some risks this year! We’re going to venture into lands unknown to us and go to places outside of our comfort zone! COVID-19 has shown us that, if the world was going to end tomorrow, what do you have to lose today? We want to do as much as possible and push things as far as we can while we still can! Because who the heck knows what’s going to happen in our lifetime? No regrets!

'Good Thing' and its music video are released 7 August.


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