Premiere: Watch Benjamin Trillado's New Music Video 'Worth'

Benjamin Trillado grew up in a Filipino household where karaoke was religion, so it was only natural he'd soon find himself attached to the art of writing and performing music.

Benjamin Trillado

Since he was 12, Benjamin has made it his life, dusting off his dad's guitar and going on to study music in his tertiary years, even being mentored by singer/songwriter Ainslie Wills and Killing Heidi's Jesse Hooper.

Benjamin's debut single 'Glue' amassed more than 450,000 streams on Spotify, and now he's getting really honest with us in his new track 'Worth'.

An empowering search for self-love and acceptance as a queer person, 'Worth' brings Benjamin's soaring vocals to the front, putting them on full display.

"This song is about understanding your own self-value and accepting that you deserve a place in this world. As a queer person, I grew up struggling to come to terms with my sexuality and often resented myself for it," Benjamin says.

"‘Worth’ shares the struggles I faced in accepting myself and the empowerment that lies in embracing one’s identity.

"This song is a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community and goes out to anyone who needs a reminder to love and accept themselves for who they truly are."

Benjamin discovered dance filmmaker Jacob Edmonds and knew he would be the perfect fit to collaborate with on the music video for 'Worth', which FROOTY is super excited to premiere today.

The video is just as honest and upfront as the song, featuring Jacob front and centre as he moves with the music and interprets Benjamin's lyrics with his body.

"I discovered some of Jacob's work through Instagram and instantly fell in love with his dancing and cinematography. I let Jacob pretty much have free reign in regards to the aesthetics of the video and his performance," Benjamin explains. "I trusted him and wanted his interpretation from one artist to another. He moves in a way that really captures the meaning and emotion of this song. I'm so stoked with how it turned out."

Jacob says that once he'd accepted the challenge of filming, directing, performing in and editing the video, after a few different approaches, it was evident he needed to pull everything back.

"It's projects like these I'm most scared to collaborate on. Just me and the camera, no crew, no one telling me about how much energy to give or where in frame I need to be moving around," he describes. "It's personal and it's terrifying because it shows my deepest insecurities. This, however, was exactly the reason I wanted to do it. For me, this song is about accepting that we are amazing as we are and overcoming the challenges we place upon ourselves daily."


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