Premiere: Stream Samuel Gaskin's New Single 'PRESSŪRE'

Singer-songwriter Samuel Gaskin channels his Māori and Nigerian roots in his new single 'PRESSŪRE’.

Samuel Gaskin - Image © Michelle Grace Hunder

'PRESSŪRE' is the last single to be released from Samuel's 'RECKŌNING' project, an intercultural exploration into indigeneity and ancestry which showcases and elevates Indigenous songwriters. The project's lead single 'RECKŌNING' was added to Apple Music's New Music Daily and New In Electronic playlists, and the follow-up ‘RĀIN’ gave listeners even more insight into Samuel's creative output.

Now, they reveal 'PRESSŪRE'.

The track is immediately mesmerising, its instrumental introduction a beautiful, broad canvas for Samuel to paint his lyrics on. The lyrics are raw and real, addressing feelings of struggle and survival.

Samuel's voice tells a story, the vocals layered with captivating harmonies. The impact of the song on its creator is clear just from listening – and though it's only officially releasing now, it's been a part of Samuel's life for quite some time.

“I’ve been performing 'PRESSŪRE' in its simple demo form for the last few years. It’s one of my favourite songs to sing live. I haven’t sung it once live without tears in my eyes,” Samuel reflects. “I wrote it at a time where things weren’t going as smoothly for me as they are now.”

'PRESSŪRE' reminds its listeners that we all experience the hopelessness of hard times – but also that there's always a way to see the good in life. “Pressure is found in every crevice of my soul, pressure I've found, but it never felt so good, and I sing out loud,” they sing on the track.

“I can feel it in my soul, it’s a different kind of hope.”

FROOTY is super excited to be premiering 'PRESSŪRE' before its official drop. Listen below.

Driving percussion and piano heighten the optimism throughout 'PRESSŪRE', as Samuel feels his way through the words.

“Dean Tuza, who I brought on board to help with production has been a friend for years,” Samuel says. “He also won a bunch of awards including The Australian iTunes Album Of The Year, Triple J Unearthed Artist Of The Year, APRA Rock Work Of The Year Award and several Triple J Hottest 100 positions, which also included a top 10 place.”

With its straightforward message and uplifting production, Samuel is clear on how he'd like listeners to feel when they've heard the track.

“My hope is that this song brings some relief to those it finds. Helps them connect to their heart, shed some tears if they need to. But always remember to lead with hope.”

“My hope is that it reminds people to feel. My hope is that it unites and connects people. I hope people receive it with the same amount of love I put into making it.”

'PRESSŪRE' is officially out 16 November. Samuel Gaskin plays Northcote Social Club (Melbourne), making a special appearance with Kee'ahn on 1 December.