Triple X: Open Letter From Writer Glace Chase To Everything Everywhere

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Australian born, New York-based performer, playwright, screenwriter, multi award-winner and self-described 'trans-queen' Glace Chase was supposed to present her show 'Triple X' for Queensland audiences in March 2020. It returns in 2021 after a cancelled season due to COVID.

The production challenges society's perception of love, as about-to-be-married Wall Street worker Scotty meets trans performance artist Dexie and begins to question everything he thought he knew. Dexie embodies something Scotty wants, but what is it? A friend? A confidante? A lover?

The shock met by the revelation of this affair is inevitable.

'Triple X' is an honest and affecting comment on some of the realities of love in the 21st century.

Here, 'Triple X' Writer Glace Chase pens a reflective open letter ahead of the show's opening at Queensland Theatre.

“In 2020 I was meant to come to Australia for six months to star in my 'game-changing' play that had sold out the Sydney Opera House. Instead I-. . . I don’t really know. Anyhoo, here’s an open letter to everything, everywhere. . .
To Sydney: You’re not New York.
To the Australian sun: You’re aggressive and not in the fun way.
To Cairns: You were fun in the fun way.
To sleeping in dorm rooms in hostels: I didn’t expect to be doing you again.
To sleeping in my car: Who knew I’d be so good at you!
To outback Queensland: Thank you.
To all the people that said I was out of my mind to do a solo trip to outback Queensland ‘cos I might be killed: I don’t think you know who I really am. Yes, a few times I did fear for my life. But I liked it. It was exciting. Unlike you.
To men in hi-vis: I had no idea of your genius.
To men in hi-vis in Sydney: You’ve got a lot to learn from far north Queensland.
To OnlyFans: I’m sorry I didn’t join this year, I really meant to but I wimped out. I think performance art meets porn is a fascinating genre that I would excel at.
To Pascal’s Subsluts: Your movies have really intrigued me. Maybe being choked out on camera would be really cathartic. Or maybe career suicide. Probably both! Anyhoo, call me!
To my play 'Triple X': I will always be proud that you came from me but like most parents I secretly regret having you 'cos you cost too much.
To COVID: You knocked my precious baby up and threw her out with the trash and now she’s tainted goods, though in public I will still pretend to love her.
To the hashtag #girlcock: I think you’re brilliant.
To filler: You complete me!

To unrealistic beauty expectations: I know I can do it please give me one more chance I’ll get there I promise.
To losing ten kilograms of COVID weight in three weeks: I told you I could.
To loving trans women: What’s not to love?! 96 per cent of us will do anal!
And to getting pregnant: We can't.
To all the hi-vis that thought I was a hooker: Thanks. I think. It was a shock, but not unwelcome.
To the hi-vis that paid me even though I said you didn’t have to: Also thanks!
To Your site is transphobic and a waste of time.
To trans women in their early 20s that are on F... you.
To 'being too sexual': Suck my big transy dick.
To 'transy': You’re a great compromise but I secretly miss 'tranny'.
To the general public: don’t say tranny or transy 'cos I will cut you.
To every person that’s not trans: Being found 'interesting' and 'fascinating' and 'inspiring' is exhausting. Especially when you don’t have a job and are sleeping out of your car.
To the entertainment industry that’s only interested in my trans trauma: Be less boring.
To the entertainment industry that says I’m too sexual and confronting: I know! Do your research! It’s cool if you’re not into it but don’t waste my time and ability to earn a buck. It’s rude.
To any publishers or producers or rich men: I will happily write opinionated copy, play a dead trans hooker or suck dick for money. It’s been a tough year.
To irony: I miss you dear friend, one day it will be safe for you to return, God willing, but until then, godspeed, and we’ll meet in the cover of darkness.
To being respectable: Nah.
To those that don’t get the joke: You’re welcome.
To being a brazen hussy: I think you’re really good fun and we need more of you in the world.
And to being yourself no matter the cost: You are the one thing I’ve dedicated my life to. And to me you’ll always be worth it.”

'Triple X' plays Queensland Theatre's Bille Brown Theatre 6 March-1 April.

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