Trevor Ashley Set To Present Adults-Only Panto The White Mermaid In Sydney

Sydney, prepare to be delightfully offended.

'The White Mermaid'

Singer, actor and performer Trevor Ashley is going under the sea, as the camp Christmas tradition of his adults-only pantomime returns to Sydney’s Seymour Centre as he presents ‘The White Mermaid’.

Definitely not referencing a beloved musical film, or a cult TV show, the show follows Tania McMermaid (Trevor Ashley) as she checks into the underwater hotel, The Little Lotus. It isn’t long before Tania’s bedazzled fins catch the attention of the handsome Character Formerly Known As Prince (Jakob Ambrose). . . But beware. . . Lurking in the shadows is the malevolent sea witch, known as Gaviscon (the legendary Carlotta AM).

Trevor Ashley The White Mermaid 2

Tania finds solace checking into The Little Lotus after a recent loss, and little does she know it’ll be the setting for a life-changing adventure, where destiny and love intertwine.

Gaviscon is hellbent on thwarting Tania’s hopes and dreams. Will Tania overcome the challenges? Will she find true love? Will the evil sea witch shatter her hopes? Or will a live action remake kill the whole thing?!

Tickets are on sale now.

‘The White Mermaid’ plays Seymour Centre (Sydney) 7-23 December.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, scenestr.