Three Winters Green – A Powerful And Timely Play For Sydney Audiences

Written by Jesse Chaffey
Category: Arts Published: Tuesday, 19 October 2021 17:55

Two-time lockdown-delayed ‘Three Winters Green’ will finally present a limited season for Sydney audiences this November.

‘Three Winters Green’, originally premiering at Stables Theatre in 1993, will be directed by Les Solomon who will be joined by the play’s author, Capion Decent, as Co-Director. 

The play follows eight people through three years of their lives. . . From school through to drag, from dreams on a coach through to reality in a city, from alcohol to realisation. Each of the characters is on a separate journey interlinked by a crisis of literally epidemic proportions.

The cast includes Tom Kelly as the dark Martin and comic Mick, Sebrina Thornton Walker as gay schoolboy-turned-drag queen Francis, Ben Jackson as likeable but quietly rebellious Andrew, Norah George as the alcoholic mother Maxine, Samuel Welsh as the troubled and sexually confused school teacher Joseph, and two newcomers Maddison Silva and Julia Muncs, as Jen and Beck respectively, bringing humour and depth to the story.

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“The play was always about how a group of friends form a community and find ways to cope with a pandemic. Seeing it in the light of the world we are living in today makes the play both historic and an exercise in bonding,” Director Les Solomon says. “We’re all finding it very helpful and a positive experience in these difficult times. We know audiences will take that same feeling of strength from this play.”

‘Three Winters Green’ plays Fringe HQ 10-20 November.

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