The New Theatre In Sydney Holding Queer Fringe Season

As part of Sydney Fringe Festival, the New Theatre in Newtown is holding a Queer Fringe season.

This year Sydney Fringe is going out of its way to provide a space for marginalised stories. In the midst of the campaign for marriage equality, the new Australian musical ‘The Things I Could Never Tell Steven’ by Jye Bryant is included in the programme and opens up the debate around what happens when a society pushes their individuals to lead a double life for fear of not being accepted.

‘The Things I Could Never Tell Steven’ centres on a man unhappy with his identity who finds himself lying to everyone, including himself. It’s a bittersweet comedy that examines how relationships fall apart with poor communication. Although the audience never meets Steven, the story is all about him, told by the four most meaningful people in his life: his mother, father, wife and ex-boyfriend.

While a great deal of the show’s humour comes from Steven’s ex (Lucas Glover), so does a lot of the tragedy. Steven is a closeted homosexual, hiding behind an unhappy marriage; his emotionally-battered wife, played by Matilda Moran. The show also introduces us to Steven’s relationship with his closest family, his mother (Ruth Strutt, Opera Australia) and his father (Adam Majsey, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir), an emotionally dysfunctional couple who has failed to serve as role model for love and exemplary communication.

‘The Things I Could Never Tell Steven’ plays at The New Theatre until 18 September and The New Theatre’s Queer Fringe season runs until 23 September. Click here for the full programme of events.