Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir Celebrate All Things Gloria For Their End Of Year Concert

Glory be to Gloria!

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir (SGLC) will finish off 2023 by celebrating all things Gloria – not just in excelsis Deo, but also in pop songs called ‘Gloria’, artists called Gloria, and so on. Plus, since it’s that time of year, the choir will also treat the audience to some out-of-the-box Christmas tunes.

It’s a chance to hear everything from Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ to Laura Branigan’s ‘Gloria’. . . As well as the iconic ‘I Will Survive’ from Gloria Gaynor, ‘Coming Out of The Dark’ by Gloria Estefan, the delicate storytelling of Joni Mitchell all the way to the shredding guitars of The Darkness.

The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has soundtracked Sydney’s queer community for more than 30 years. It’s a non-auditioned choir, welcoming members regardless of sexual identity or musical experience.

The ‘Gloria!’ concert will bring together 100 singers, making it the choir’s largest performance ensemble in many years, joined by the Quart-Ed String Quartet, for one night of joyous celebration and reflection, spiced with that camp and colour brought by SGLC.

“It’s almost an inevitability that an end of year concert for a choir will take some sort of festive theme. Though, it wouldn’t be a true SGLC concert without adding our unique twist, and ‘Gloria!’ definitely delivers on that expectation,” Music Director Adam Majsay says.

“Visually and musically, ‘Gloria!’ aims to subvert the notion of the classic choir Christmas concert. Audiences will be coming to church, but we’re not serving up religion. It’s queer, choral excellence at its edgy, entertaining best.”

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir’s ‘Gloria!’ is on at St Stephen’s Uniting Church (Sydney) on 2 December.