Salome δ – Confronting Lived Experiences Of Chronic Illness And Virus At Perth’s Blue Room

Perth’s Blue Room Theatre and Squid Vicious present ‘Salome δ’ as part of the theatre’s Summer Nights programme in January-February.

'Salome δ'

The show dives into the lived experiences of chronic illness, while navigating the fruitless and exhaustive pursuit of perfection.

The classical text of ‘Salome’ ends as she receives the head of her desired prophet, John the Baptist. This is the point at which ‘Salome δ’, starring performers Olivia Hendry and Andrew Sutherland, begins. In the aftermath of chaos.

‘Salome δ’ is a 50-minute ‘dance of the seven veils’, scored to ‘the endless echo of prophecy and autobiography’ which eventually exhausts and ruins the performers, in their attempt to unravel their desires for a perfection they can’t obtain.

The two performers unravel and the show brings to light the heartbreaking, hilarious and hopeful stories of living HIV positive (for Andrew) and recovering from an eating disorder (for Olivia). . . As well as all the queer dating ups and downs in Perth.

Costuming and set designing ‘Salome δ’ is indie, upcycle fashion designer Declan Macphail (Object Gouse & WRIGHT).

‘Salome δ’ was conceived in the midst of the viral apocalypse that was 2020, and is a collision of multiple forms and practices. It was created by Andrew Sutherland and Joe Paradise Lui, from dance-makers Olivia Hendry and Briannah Davis.

‘Salome δ’ plays Blue Room Theatre (Perth) 27 January-5 February as part of Summer Nights.


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