Review: Chicago The Musical @ Her Majesty's Theatre (Melbourne)

The opening night of 'Chicago The Musical' at Her Majesty's Theatre (26 March) unveiled itself with a grandeur that needed no curtain to announce its arrival.

Image © Jeff Busby

From the very first note, the stage became a canvas upon which a masterpiece of performance art was painted, captivating the audience from the moment they stepped into the theatre.

This rendition of 'Chicago' was nothing short of spectacular, elevating the already impressive 2019 run to new heights. The familiar characters and storyline were infused with a fresh energy and wit, making the experience feel both timeless and utterly contemporary.

While the themes of deceit and manipulation simmered beneath the surface, moments of comedic brilliance punctuated the performance, providing a welcome contrast to the darker elements of the story. Whether it was Peter Rowsthorn's endearing portrayal of the hapless Amos Hart or the sharp-witted banter between the characters, there was never a dull moment on stage.

Chicago 2024 JeffBusby2
Image © Jeff Busby

The evening's highlights included the electrifying performances of 'We Both Reached For The Gun', 'Razzle Dazzle', and 'Roxie', each one a breathtaking display of artistry and skill. But it was the finale, 'Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag', that truly stole the show, leaving the audience on their feet with thunderous applause.

The chemistry between the cast members was palpable, enhancing the comedic timing and allowing the humour to shine through even in the tensest of moments. It was a testament to their talent and dedication that they were able to effortlessly transition between moments of levity and moments of intense drama, keeping the audience fully engaged from start to finish.

In the hands of Anthony Warlow, Zoë Ventoura, Lucy Maunder, Peter Rowsthorn, and Asabi Goodman, 'Chicago' truly came to life in a way that was both captivating and exhilarating. Their performances were nothing short of masterful, infusing the characters with depth, complexity, and, of course, a healthy dose of humour.

Chicago 2024 JeffBusby3
Image © Jeff Busby

'Chicago' emanates an irresistible blend of allure, precision, and flawless execution. From the mesmerising choreography that enraptures the senses to the unforgettable musical numbers that resonate in the heart, every aspect of the production is meticulously crafted with unparalleled finesse and artistry.

Prepare yourself for an evening bursting with laughter, applause, and soul-stirring rhythms as 'Chicago The Musical' awaits. This captivating masterpiece transcended the boundaries of mere entertainment, drawing you into a narrative that defied the constraints of time and genre. It's not just a show to attend – it's an immersion into a world where every note and every step leaves an indelible mark on your heart. Don't miss this must-see spectacle, for it promises an unforgettable experience.

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