Here's A List Of Shows With Queer Themes/Artists At Adelaide Fringe 2021

The hype is real – especially after the year we've had – for the iconic Adelaide Fringe to explode across the city, providing audiences with cabaret, comedy, theatre, circus, music and more.

'Ukulele Dream Girl'

With a stellar programme of almost 800 shows to see, there's plenty of experiences to be a part of, and there's also, of course, a portion of the programme dedicated to featuring queer artists and their stories.

There's not a moment to lose. Check out the list of LGBTQIA+ shows and artists appearing at the Fringe below, and clear your calendar!

After Hours Cabaret Club - LOCK IN
Kiki & The Covid All Stars
Burlesque Idol Australia
Date Night
Adults Only Magic Show
Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a Distance
A Second Chance To Say Goodbye
Five Foot Gaga: The Lady Gaga Experience
Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered
Spandexx Ballet Late Night Glamaerobics Dance Party!
Club Queens
Common Uncommons
Disney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody
Eat My Cake
Debauched Late Show
Awakened Eros
Daniel Koek's West End Sessions - Live from London
Purple Plastic Maori
Reuben Kaye
Waterbuffalo the Musical
The Book Of Faz
The Gaiety Garden
The Jack and Annie Show
Who Killed Santa
Something in the Water
Something in the Water: For Kids
MATADOR - sabor de amor
Homespun Festival
Gifts from the King - songs that Elvis taught me
The Aspie Hour
Risquè Rope
Burlesque O Rama presents: Studio 54
Fringe Variety All Stars
Queer & Present Danger
Teddy Bear Picnic
Immoral Kombat
Stewart Reeve: Chameleon
Disney in Drag UP LATE: A Perverted Parody
Theatre of Bondage
Shake It
Country Chic
Ange Lavoipierre: Zealot
This is Exoticesque
Smashed - The Brunch Party
Leather Lungs: Yas Queen
Rudes gives head... Liners
A Slight Exaggeration
Elton John: Your Song
LittleBitts: The Trap Remix
Blankë Pop
Karen From Finance is Out Of Office
Inferno Noir
Catch Jazida
The BIG Gay Bout
Bella Green is Charging For It
Fat Witch
Ebony & Ivory
The Kaye Hole
Lori Bell - Making Babies
One Day He Changed (and the next he was gone)
Murder off a Duck's Back
Carlotta: I'm Not Dead Yet Darlings!
Giggles Comedy
The Cowgirl and The Showgirl Ride Again
Late Night Dynamite
Club Briefs International
Bite Club
Hell in Heels Dance: Unleashed
Don't Make Me Play 'Piano Man'
Digitrivia Comedy Pub Quiz - Live from Adelaide Fringe
Switch Hitter
Grief Lightning: A Satire In 78 Slides
The DOs and DON'Ts of Doing It
Blunder Camp
MOSS Live at the BRIT
Call of the Malleefowl
Awkward Activists

Adelaide Fringe is on from 19 February-21 March.


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