Club D'Amour Review @ Fringe World Perth 2023

Perth’s Fringe World 2023 line-up sees the blazing return of some festival favourites – one of which is the award-winning variety performance, 'Club D’amour’.

'Club D'Amour'

From the sultry and seductive minds of Tone & Cheek Productions, 'Club D’amour' infuses circus, dance, and burlesque into a palpably decadent performance of physical theatre.

Hosted by the magical musings of the Fay Rocious – one of Perth’s most iconic drag performers – the audience is transported into the story of Club D’amour – a lascivious brothel in the heart of a Parisian red-light district, where unrequited love comes in many forms.

The story points are aided by Fay Rocious between each set, allowing a flow and ease to the audience. Between mesmerising acrobatic displays from Anthony Tran, sultry dances and provocative humour, there is a lot of sensory elements to the performances – including the beautiful Amber Scates, and her Hollywood-imbued vocals. STAR Awards Showgirl of the Year, Melina Mall, partners with Anthony and Natalie Oakes across different sets – the siren of 'Club D’amour', as the audience follows her rocky relationship journey (we can all relate).

Club Damour 2

Right off the bat, the audience is anxious when Fay Rocious calls a member to the stage – only for us to buy into the fantasy, as Haydn Shadforth becomes part of the performance. Contemporary dancer, Linton Elethios, draws the eye with passion, and a je ne sais quoi that ripples through the troupe.

From seasoned professionals in dance, vocals, acrobatics and drag – what sets 'Club D’amour' apart from the Fringe standard is the troupe’s integration of human strength, artful use of the space (which was limited despite the aesthetics of the De Parel Spiegeltent), striking costumes, and the ability to parry off each other’s energy – and it is felt among the crowd for the entire hour!

'Club D’amour' has the essence of a major production, yet comfortably services a more intimate crowd. It was both polished, and messy, allowing for improvised moments that helped showcase the skill of the troupe as a collective. Not only were the performers engaging, charming, and enthralling to watch – they had chemistry, and for a performance centred around a brothel, it made for very steamy entertainment.