Becky Robinson Loves Bringing The Voices In Her Head To Life

Hailing from Portland, Oregon is comedian, writer, actor and voiceover star Becky Robinson, set to hit Aussie shores this November.

Becky Robinson

Audiences may know Becky as the Entitled Housewife, the outspoken viral golf character Becky created during the pandemic, to help spread a bit of laughter. Her unique character antics and viral videos have racked up millions of views and fans across social media.

With a commitment to connecting with her fans, Becky also launched the 'Start At Birth' podcast, an original series capturing hilarious memories, behind-the-scenes stories, and moments of vulnerability.

In addition to her tours as a stand-up comedian internationally, Becky was named a JFL Montreal New Face Of Comedy – and her multi-character performance landed her a sketch show development deal and a number of voiceover jobs with Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and Netflix. . . And in 2016, she was cast on MTV’s ‘Wild ’N Out’ with Nick Cannon.

Becky’s ‘The She Gone Tour’ started earlier this year, and in November it’ll head to Australia for the Just For Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival, and a show in Melbourne too.

Before she gets here though, we spoke to Becky about all things comedy, and what she's got up her sleeve for Aussie audiences.

You’re known for your character comedy. What is it you love most about this kind of performing?
I love that there’s a place for the voices in my head to be brought to life (of course along with a clothing ensemble, wig, accessories and physical quirks).

And what got you into it?
When I was a chitlun I used to always do impressions to try to make my siblings and parents laugh. I was a high level gymnast at an extremely young age, and riffing characters and jokes was the only way to kick the pre balance beam routine nerves to the curb. Doing characters became the all around best way to escape anything daunting in life and just have a good chuckle. People are nutty and I like to celebrate that.

Have you got anything special planned for your Australian audiences...?
Oh absolutely. Entitled Housewife venturing to a new continent for the first time will allow for a bundle of surprises, especially with Scott, Dashiell and Macabee in tow. But, first things first we’re going to need to find the Aussie version of Trish so Entitled can have a drinking buddy.

What are you most looking forward to about your time here?
I’ve gotten so many DMs from the gieurlz in Australia and I just cannot WAIT to bring this show to Sydney and Melbourne and show them the best time. I’m excited to meet everyone, dance, laugh, frolic, hopefully zip around on the water a bit. All my pals in the US from Australia are the most upbeat, hilarious and optimistic goofs I know so I’m itching to see more of that!

Tell us a bit about your time on ‘Wild ’N Out’ on MTV. How did that come about?
A friend of mine started a series of shows in LA called 'The Comedy Rap Battles' at the Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store, UCB, and some more clubs so I birthed a battle rapper character named Lil Pickles. I am not a battle rapper whatsoever, but somehow ended up winning every comedy rap battle show and then auditioned for Nick Cannon and team for about two months and they cast me. Nick was one of the first people who really pulled me aside and said, “hey, your characters are AWESOME, DO THE CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW!”. So every day I would bring a backpack full of wigs to set. They were all so very supportive and taught me a lot about improv and the art of going for it.

And what’s been the most important thing you’ve learned in your career so far?
Trust thy gut. And build a village of trustworthy people around you who genuinely care about you.

What’s next for you?
World tour! Movies! Comedy Specials! And hopefully another Preparation H brand deal.

Becky Robinson plays The Comic's Lounge (Melbourne) on 16 November, and Factory Theatre (Just For Laughs Sydney) on 19 November.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, scenestr.