5 Ways To Exude Optimism With Parallel Park Artists Holly Bates and Tay Haggarty

With everything happening around the world this year, it's about time to celebrate the sunny side of life.

Parallel Park

Luckily, some of Brisbane's brightest young artists have come together to present a free exhibition aiming to do just that, aptly titled Sunny Side Up. Curated by up-and-comers Alex Holt and Sarah Thomson, the exhibition will feature a collection of public artworks spanning photography, sculpture, video, animation and illustration.

The event is happening as part of Brisbane City Council's free Outdoor Gallery programme throughout summer.

Among the art you can check out is some by collaborative duo Parallel Park – Holly Bates and Tay Haggarty. Their work explores queer sexuality and the intricacies of their personal relationship, titled Tandem.

In Tandem, the artists ride a stationary exercise bike sharing handlebars and pedals, each steering and pushing. Of course, the bike cannot move, but the message about optimism and working together to move forward is the key element.

Speaking of optimism, the duo have listed five ways to exude optimism, ahead of Sunny Side Up opening throughout the CBD.


Go for a big sweaty hike. Chase waterfalls, not 'f...bois'. Nature doesn’t care about you or your dyke drama. Venture respectively, educate yourself and acknowledge the land and its traditional owners. The more time you spend outside and off your phone, the more liberated, refreshed and reset you will feel. That feeling is contagious.


Don't take yourself too seriously. Roast your friends, and let them roast you. There’s nothing healthier than a little ego death. They notice the silly little things you do, and they love you anyway.

Edison Lane
Brisbane's Edison Lane


Make art that feels good, whatever that means to you. Art-making is a great way of reimagining the constructs around us, and it can be a beacon of hope in tricky times.


Shop local. Go buy produce from its growers or eat at your neighbour's cafe. Generate love and support in your community.


Embrace collaboration. Work with people who challenge you and have your back to grow and thrive.

Sunny Side Up is available to view across Brisbane CBD's public art spaces from 30 November to 18 April.


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