5 Things You'll Discover At Siren Theatre Co's The Past Is A Wild Party

Trash and high art. Censorship. Gaps and silences. Girl on girl sex.

'The Past Is A Wild Party' - Image © Alex Vaughan

Following the successful tours of 'Good With Maps' and 'The End Of Winter', award- winning playwright Noëlle Janaczewska premieres an intriguing new performance essay presented by Siren Theatre Co, which takes us on a journey through archives, sexual politics, and a personal queer history.

'The Past Is A Wild Party' will play at Qtopia Sydney, in Darlinghurst.

Create your chosen family, fall a little bit in love with nineteenth-century poet Amy Levy, and immerse yourself in Lesbian pulp from the 1950s. This solo performance by Jules Billington immerses us in the personal and historical power of lesbian representation.

'The Past Is A Wild Party' explores passionate friendships and whether a girl can be your boyfriend. Outing yourself – as someone with mental health issues. Reading 'The Well Of Loneliness' in your teens and looking for. . . Let’s call it ‘technical information’. . . About girl-on-girl sex.

Here, Siren Theatre Co Artistic Director Kate Gaul lists five things you'll discover at 'The Past Is A Wild Party' when it plays at Qtopia Sydney this month.


Is queer the new normal?


There’s no letter Q in classical Greek.

PastIsAWildParty 2
Image © Alex Vaughan


Wallflowers are members of the cabbage family.


Sexuality isn’t a yes-no tick-a-box, and in the slightly paraphrased words of French novelist Constance Debré: Homosexuality isn’t about who you’re f...ing, it’s about who you become.


There are many ways of being queer and not all of them involve a pram in the hallway or the family matrix.

'The Past Is A Wild Party' plays Qtopia Sydney 10-27 July.