Stand Bi Us – Celebrating Bisexual Visibility With Australia And New Zealand

Written by Jesse Chaffey
Category: Agenda Published: Tuesday, 15 September 2020 15:49

Bi+ organisations across Australia and New Zealand have collaborated to create the Stand Bi Us Conference, for the first time ever.

Throughout, there will be 37 free events – both in person and online – as part of a week-long celebration for Bi+ Visibility Day. The opening event will be a discussion with Shiri Eisner, the author of 'Bi: Notes For A Bisexual Revolution'.

Bisexual people have long been the silent 'B' in LGBTQIA+, often suffering stigma, misunderstanding and visibility – not just from the heterosexual community either.

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The Stand Bi Us Conference is an event created in order to celebrate community, visibility and expression across Australia and New Zealand (and beyond!), with workshops, panels, arts performances, discussions, groups, a party and even some in-person events where legally possible.

The full listing of events throughout Stand Bi Us can be found here.

Stand Bi Us is on from 18-27 September.

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