Star Trek: Discovery Casts Transgender And Non-Binary Actors For Season Three

Written by Staff Writers
Category: TV & Film Published: Tuesday, 08 September 2020 17:24

Actors Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander have been cast to appear in the upcoming third season of 'Star Trek: Discovery'.

Blu and Ian, non-binary and transgender respectively, will play Adira and Gray, characters true to their real-life identities: Adira is non-binary and Gray is transgender.

This is a first for the sci-fi franchise, which is already known for having a groundbreaking track record.

"I have been sitting on this news for many months," Anthony Rapp – who plays one of the show's gay characters – says on Twitter, "and I cannot wait for you all to meet these beautiful souls and wonderful artists."

The third season of 'Star Trek: Discovery' begins in October.

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