Rainbow Serpent Festival Diversity. Everyone Is Beautiful.

Rainbow Serpent Festival has released a beautiful video encompassing all facets of their annual journey and teasing out the importance of diversity to the Rainbow experience.

The 19-minute video also explores the festival's 20-year history, its values and how they emanate through music, peace, diversity and harmony.

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Disability Action Plan Campaigner, Matt Warren, says "Something is broken about all of us. At Rainbow, there is no broken. Were all beautiful." The video shows exerpts from indigenous, queer and disabled advocates as well as those of the directors and senior collaborators.

At Rainbow, there is no broken. Were all beautiful.

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Marketing director, Tim Harvey, told of the creative process around booking the acts, saying, "You book the festival based on your gut feeling of what’s right. We’ve had some horrendous shouting matches!"

Festival director, Frank Venuto, recalled, "Back then [the early days of the festival] it was mostly psy-trance and more underground… now we do house and techno and others styles of music."

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But mostly the message from an array of contributors to the film was that Rainbow Serpent is a "place where people to express themselves be it music or art or whatever... people find themselves or find part of themselves they’ve lost.

The thing that Rainbow does do to encourage diversity is they don’t push anything. They have an open slate for you to come and be who you are. We wanted to see a more trans and gender, diverse inclusive space."

The thing that Rainbow does do to encourage diversity is they don’t push anything.

 Rainbow Serpent Festival happens in Lexton, Victoria on 26-29 January, 2018. Rainbow Serpent Festival website.

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