Premiere: Stream Ellen Reed's New Single 'Lycra'

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Category: Music Published: Thursday, 17 September 2020 10:47

Slick synths, pop beats, and a message of confidence, power and control – Ellen Reed's new single 'Lycra' embodies a new chapter for the performer.

Inspired by the likes of Lizzo and Dua Lipa, 'Lycra' is the anthem we need in 2020, carrying with it a showcase of Ellen's growth in self-acceptance and self-love.

It's for anyone who has ever doubted themselves and felt like their age, size, colour, sexuality or gender has held them back from their full potential.

"I wanted a song that made everyone feel as fierce as I felt when I sang it," Ellen says.

"I have so much fun performing this song and I feel like all my insecurities melt away, nothing else matters but dancing like everyone is watching during this song and I'm here for that feeling."

The world was introduced to Brisbane's Ellen Reed on 'The Voice' in 2016, where she gave show-stopping performances every week and made it to the Grand Final. This success came with a barrage of internet trolls, mainly targeting Ellen's weight.

'Lycra' is Ellen's way of taking back power.

"I think I'm so sick of feeling sh.tty about my body and how I am perceived. It's always too much, or not enough and I was just sick of questioning myself over that," she explains. "I am who I am, my body looks like this. I eat healthily, I work out, I go on adventures with my partner and our friends. Our life is for living not constantly worrying about how we look."

FROOTY is super thrilled to be able to premiere the groovy 'Lycra' before its official release – check it out below.

'Lycra' was co-written with and produced by queer Brisbane musicians Lachlan Geraghty and Joshua Power.

"I met Lachy just before he was moving to New York years ago and I just was so taken by how gorgeous and friendly he was," Ellen gushes. "When he returned from overseas we got to know each other while we were both in a season of Oscar Theatre Company's 'Boy&Girl' at the Brisbane Powerhouse and we just fell in love, and he instantly became my gusband!"

"From there I met Lachy's partner Josh and the three of us have remained best friends for ages.

"I think what's special about our writing together is that we love and trust each other so much, that we're so kind but absolutely cut-throat, but we know we're doing it for the betterment of the song; there's no ego and we're all happy to be 'wrong'."

Ellen is a fierce ally of the queer community, evident in her performance slots and appearances at LGBTQIA+ events around the country. This song, among other things, is an empowerment track for us too.

"The queer community is home for me. I feel like we both know how to be kind because sometimes people aren't always kind to us. Some of my absolute favourite people in this world are queer; I have always used my voice to raise those of the queer community and I will continue to do so, always."

'Lycra' is officially out 18 September.

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