Melbourne Musician Johnny Rock Sings #LoveSongsForEquality

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Category: Music Published: Wednesday, 27 September 2017 16:45

Spreading love can only be a good thing.

With all the differing opinions posted on social media due to the marriage equality postal survey, Melbourne musician Johnny Rock voices for artists to spread love with #lovesongsforequality.

With only one intention – love – Johnny recorded and performed The Beatles classic, 'Real Love'.

A simple mission, Johnny hopes that others will join in and spread the love. “I have many friends who have become really upset about the negativity out there. I’ve had friends deactivate their social media accounts because it was all getting too much,” Johnny says.

“You can support your mates with likes and hearts all you want but there’s a point where even the strongest people start to break down. So as a muso I thought I could do something else to not only support marriage equality but maybe ease some of the pain out there.”

If you want to get involved, film yourself either singing or miming to a love song, brighten your social feeds and spread love with #lovesongsforequality.

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