Listen: Heirloome's Australian Bushfire Response Single 'Body Of Water'

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Category: Music Published: Monday, 30 November 2020 16:24

Sydney-based Heirloome has dropped 'Body Of Water' – a song and video in response to the Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020.

As a child, the artist was convinced they'd been dropped to earth from Wonderland – an impossible love child of Kate Bush, Bjork, and The Cure's Robert Smith.

The video was filmed on Gundungurra country in its regenerative state after the fires. It's a sombre but beautiful sight as a nature spirit walks the land, trying to return home and scaling charcoal-black trees.

"The fires were tragic. They were terrifying. While it felt like the whole country was burning, dying. . . In my personal life, I was waking up," Heirloome says. "Realising I could not deny my queerness any longer, nor my transness. . . The fires made mortality feel real, made me move faster."

"I was falling quickly, deeply in love; I was still wading through the grief of losing my brother and grandfather earlier that year; I was choosing to live anyway; I was starting again; I was opening my eyes for what felt like the first time. . . While also smelling doom in the burning eucalypts that said ‘this is it. Climate change is here. How long do we have? What can we do? Where can we go?’

"This song and film are an offering of water; to mourn, to heal, to atone, to remember.”

Heirloome has a past in fronting indie-soul group Levingstone and folk trio Andaman, but is now on a journey of their own.

'Body Of Water' is out now.

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