Lesbians Kissing On The Footy Field: Welcome to 2018

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Category: Music Published: Sunday, 24 June 2018 11:39

Vanessa Foliaki and Karina Brown locked lips for a smooch in the middle of the pitch following Friday's inaugural State Of Origin women game.

The romantically-involved couple who have been together since 2014 were on opposing sides. NSW won 16-10 by the way. But the real winner was the coverage across two television networks with a combined game audience in excess of 1,000,000 people.

The National Rugby League (NRL) published the image on its Facebook Page to overwhelming and popular support.

The NRL contines to run roughshod over outliers such as Israel Folau by promoting LGBQT inclusiveness with recent examples including Macklemore's rendition of 'Same Love' at last year's Grand Final and an NRL float at Mardi Gras.

Back on Facebook, user Jamiel Morgan said, "Sorry, was there a rugby game going on? I don't understand how this image bares any relevance to the game? If you want the sport to grow, start focussing on promoting the game, not the political agendas that are weaved into it! No wonder it's all going downhill."

David Mead agreed, "This has nothing to do with the game??? This is why women and certain sport don’t mix. Play the game and stop trying to have a message in everything they do in sport for god sake." User Theo AK disagreed, "Nah, you and this sport don't mix. This is 2018 and we live in an inclusive society. Get with the times or get out."

Meanwhile Matt Faint said, "There would be public outrage if two blokes kissed exactly like that after an Origin. Keep that crap to the dressing shed or at home. We don't care if you are partners, girlfriends, lovers etc good luck to you, do what ever you want, no discrimination or judgement here just keep it off the field and let your football do the talking. Bad move NRL, there may be young girls coming through put off by this." The NRL Official account replied with "Hey Matt, welcome to 2018... can't wait for you to join us!"


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