Gaga Not Too Gay

Written by Jesse Chaffey
Category: Music Published: Wednesday, 30 August 2017 17:33

Lady Gaga has performed two sold-out shows at New York's Citi Field Stadium, all while acknowledging the doubters early on in her career.

"When I started out, people told me 'your show is too gay'," she confessed to 40,000 people at the first of two New York shows.

"'No one is going to come'. They told me there was no commercial audience for me."

Well how wrong were they? The singer, regardless of the fact that she preached her love for the LGBT+ community seconds into her arrival to the spotlight in 2008, has maintained a stable and successful career for almost 10 years. It would seem that her show definitely wasn't 'too gay'.

"Your show is too gay!"

Proving the naysayers wrong, Gaga blazed through a red hot set of past hits and songs from her latest album 'Joanne' (2016) showing off her powerhouse vocals and limitless physical energy.

She also showed a sense of humility, making sure to shout out to friends and family including long-time collaborator Tony Bennett, who was in attendance.

The Citi Field tour dates are some of Gaga's first ever US stadium shows. Her Joanne World Tour wraps up on 18 December.

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